Best Part metal part plastic yoyo out there?

Rally, ghost dm2, ??

Which do you consider to be the best part plastic part metal out there?

If you think there is a better one than what I have listed feel free to share!
Thanks! Help me find the best hybrid!

I think you might be confusing the term bi-metal

The rally and DM2 are plastic and have aluminum rings

The berserker has a body made of 6061 aluminum and rings made of 7075 aluminum

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If you’re talking about a plastic body with a metal ring, a hitman or DMII fills the bill.
YYJ has the corner on the market for this type of design/construction.

I basically mean any yoyo with plastic and metal,
Wouldn’t you consider any yoyo that has metal and plastic to be a Bi metal?

Bi-metal suggests it’s two metals. Although you often hear plastic/metal hybrids referred to that way.

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Bi-Metal refers to a yoyo that is constructed with two metals. Usually an aluminum body with with titanium or any other heavier metal rims.

A yoyo that is both metal and plastic is just referred to as a hybrid yoyo. Or metal rimmed.

EDIT: My apologies Waylon, I’m on my phone, didn’t see ya

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No problem. You were much more thorough :wink:

You said… Berserker. Thats 2 metals. not plastic and metal.

Nut flavored protostar.

Draupnir easily

Rally for plastics

Fixed title


Back to your original question:

You probably know by now that a lot of people will tell you it comes down to preference and there is no definitive “best”.

Most metal rimmed plastics play really well, in my experience. The rings do such a good job of concentrating weight on the rims, or even allowing the weight to be put in a specific place, such as with some YYJs like the Phenomizm.

However, vibe is very common in hybrid Yoyos. Any time you have a yoyo constructed of more than four parts (two halves, axle, bearing), you run an increased risk of vibe.

I bet the something Addiction will be pretty good as well along with the D6 and D6 from magicyoyo.

This man… he speaks the truth!!!

I am a beginner, I started with Protostar and currently play with rally.
For me, there is no comparison between the two. Rally is miles ahead.

I’d wait for the sOMETHING Addiction. I expect it to be awsome.

Genesis with hubstacks