Bi-metal yoyo

I was considering buying a bi-metal yoyo(the speeder 2 or dark magic 2),but i’ve heard some cases about bi-metal yoyos that the metal rims got loosened and came out after dropping the yoyo on the floor.I just wonder if those were some special cases or it’s really easy to have the metal rims loosened.

Besides,are the bi-metal yoyos really perform much better than the plastic yoyos do?
I am using a legacy II ,i know the dark magic 2 is the same shape,size as the legacy II but with different materials,does the dark magic 2 perform much better than the legacy II does?


1: Yes it CAN be true. The metal rims CAN separate from the plastic. This happened to my Hitman Pro before I even got it, AND my Speeder 2. In both instances, neither came apart but needed to be pressed back together. No problems since. My DM2 gets played darn near daily and it’s solid as can be. I think it’s just special cases but something to be made aware of. Plastic and metal have different temperatures they are sensitive too. Regarding specifically the Speeder 2, yes, it hit the floor and the ring came loose. I pressed it back, it’s been fine since. Regarding the Hitman, I noticed a gap between the clear plastic and the metal rim(not easy to see, BTW). Pressed together, it’s been solid ever since.

2: Does plastic/metal perform better than plastic? I think so. My Phenom runs circles around my Phenomizm. My DM2’s(I have 2, blue and clear, blue is my favorite) both blow away my Legacy II. In both cases, the plastic version is STILL amazing, just not AS amazing as the metal/plastic or full metal version.

Buy without worry. YYJ makes fantastic products.

I think that only happens in special cases… I have quite a few plastic / metal YYJs, and have never had the metal rims pop off.

Most of mine do have small cracks though where the plastic and metal meet. My guess is that this caused by temperature fluctuations, as the plastic and metal would contract and expand at different rates.

Even so, none of these cracks have really been an issue. My favourite yoyo is a Speeder I’ve had for about 6 years.

Don’t get me wrong - I absolutely love plastic yoyos, but to answer your question, YES - there is a huge difference between a solid plastic and a metal-rimmed plastic. The metal rims make the yoyo feel so much more solid and stable.

Seeing as how you already have a Legacy, I would rather recommend going for the Speeder2. That way you get to try a yoyo with a bit of a different shape as well.

I’ll be more technical and say it’s a plastic/metal composite yoyo because if you say bi-metal you’re saying that the material has two metals.

I’ve never had an issue of my YYJ throws falling out though. It seems to stay intact and solid to me :]