Best high end bimetal yoyo?


Looking for a high end bimetal… I was interested in tantalizing, nobunaga, and masamune. What are other good options out there?


Everything today is pretty darn good. It’s like asking what the best Ferrari is, you’ll be happy with any.


Draupnir or Valkyrie from yoyorecreation.


I can’t really recommend something to you unless I know your preferences. What do you look for in a yoyo?

In the meantime, preferences aside, here are some you should consider:

Yoyorecreation: Draupnir, Sputnik, Valkyrie
Turning Point: Leviathan 7, Palpitation, Anubis
sOMEThING: Anglam 2, Slasher
C3yoyodesign: Krown St.
Sturm Panzer: Schneider Mk-II, WY-008 Pakfa
CLYW: Igloo, Blizzard
2sickyoyos: Knight
Throw Revolution: Vertex
YoyoMonster: Agonist 1.0


Best is very subjective. The real question would be more of what will you like the most. There’s so many good choices out there. Myself, I keep going back to my Firrox.

When it comes down to it, what are your preferred shapes/size/weight? I’d pick a one and go from there.


The nobunaga has literally everything i would want in a yoyo. I hear it is small but very powerful, stable, and fast. It has oversized steel rims which i love. It seems great for grinds, it even has a thumb grind groove! The only problem is i hear bimetals with rings on the outside are not very durable and I dont want to spend so much only to have it break.


I read that in that thread recently as well, keeping the rings tucked inside the rims might keep them in place better, but unless you plan on smacking the thing against some concrete over and over again I don’t think outer steel rims are particularly fragile, I’ve never had any problems with outer rims. I think you’ll be fine with the nobunaga.


The nobunaga is one of my favorite throws, fairly durable. I’ve hit mine a few times and it hasn’t developed anymore vibe. There is a small vibe to the touch, no wobble though and no vibe on the string.

It’s a fantastic yoyo, I’m nitpicking but I see you say it has a thumb grind ring, which it does not haha. You can thumb grind it if you tilt it.

Look for one on the b/s/t if you don’t want to pay full price. I found one for 90 and it’s stellar.


Sengoku has been putting out some great products lately. The Nobunaga is a great product but in my opinion their best yo-yo is the Masamune. It plays like a champ and the rings are in the cup instead of over the rims which allowed Sengoku to take their excellent blast to the edge of the profile, making it the superior grinding bimetal.

If you are looking for an odd, powerful mini yo-yo then I would recommend looking at the Masamini coming out soon. It is a killer bimetal mini.

Here is a shot of both of them. If you can find a Masamune, do not hesitate there were only 100 made and the owner of Sengoku has stated that he will not make them again due to the cost of the alloys used to make it.


Referring to your other post regarding ring displacement, bang any yoyo into something and it will get damaged if it hits something dead on and hard enough. This applies to wood, plastic, single metal or bimetal. Material or construction method is pretty much immaterial. Knocks will damage yoyos. They’re not made to be smacked into things. Admittedly, there is some really cheaply made junk out there, but these are not in that category. Probably nothing sold by a reputable dealer is.

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OG Speeder.
But then again people don’t call this bi-metal anymore these days.


Anybody ever heard of a low-end bi-metal? Do they even exist?

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Yes, I think it’s called Clement or something, forgot which company (far east).
I think it’s the most ridiculous bi-metal I’ve ever heard. I mean, 6061 aluminum with 7075 ring encased inside.
At least if the 7075 is on the outer side, it’s somewhat understandable maybe they want it to be slightly more durable to nicks and scratches, but this I can’t even…
Also an Auldey, not sure about the name, pretty similar configuration to the above but I don’t even want to know which alloy it has.


It’s not a bi-metal is why, it’s metal and plastic.
Still a great yoyo though.

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A few years back, bi-metal usually refers to Yoyojam plastic with metal rim, try googling old threads that has ‘bi-metal’ word in it and you’ll see what I mean.
The term ‘bi-metal’ only have shifted from plastic x metal to metal x metal in the past few years.


I’ve never heard ANYBODY call a speeder a bimetal - because plain and simply…it is not!


Really? I was really active on forums years ago and I’ve never heard that. Might just be oblivious though.

doesn’t make sense because bi-metal means two metals…
I just called them metal rimmed yyj’s and that’s what I saw everyone else using for a term as well.

Edit: just googled it, found a yyn thread from 2011 using the word bi-metal in reference to yyj.
I think that was the wrong word still though, but it’s a pointless argument.


Yeah…i’m sure at one time or another somebody might have tossed one through a hoop and called it a basketball…but guess what? ain’t a basketball either!


In his defense I found quite a few old threads when people called them bi-metals. I guess I just think those people were using the wrong word too.


Yep…might as well called it a basketball huh ::slight_smile: