The best bimetal yo-yo of all time.. OF ALL TIME!


There was a discussion on reddit around “best bimetal”, and of course everything is subjective and there is no real “best” … but… that being said, of course there can be a “top 5” or “top 10” that is plenty valid!

The highest voted commenter said

Bliss… It’s absolutely the best bimetal on the market, and I’ve tried most of them.

Flashback would be another awesome recommendation.

Hummingbird would be my third.

That’s interesting, because I … don’t find the Bliss all that interesting, or the Flash / Flashback. To me they play like bog standard V shapes. Here’s a list of all the bimetals mentioned to jog people’s memory (there are a lot):

  • Draupnir (of course)
  • Edge
  • Stealth
  • BFF
  • Spectacle
  • Grasshopper X / Haymaker X
  • Turning Point palpitation
  • Mini-Star 2 (undersize though)
  • Marco
  • Elite
  • Atomic Crash
  • Charm / Vacation

(and there are dozens if not hundreds more… feel free to riff in your reply…)

What are your thoughts? Of the bimetals you’ve played, which would you put in a top 3 or top 5 list?


For me personally, top 5:

  • YoyoFriends Hummingbird
  • 2018 G2 Elite (not a big fan of 2017 Elites, for the record)
  • MagicYoYo Vulfgang
  • Unprld Cognition
  • Sengoku Oni

Honorable mention for the Alta and the Ting, though the ting is kinda cheating since it is POM with Ti rings. But it plays so good!

(InvaderDust) #3

Ive not thrown alot of that list, but I would say that I would say the Valkyrie is a serious contender for the title. I got rid of it cause it was too stable. almost too powerful.

It taught me that I prefer the much less stable in comparison, like say Sputnik, or TiHawk.


Draupnir, Hummingbird, Masamune, and a Sengoku prototype I have that was never released.

Those 4 are clear contenders above everything else I’ve tried for best yoyo. Honorable mention to Ignition, Palp, Flash, and Laser, but the first 4 were just a cut above everything else. The true pillars of yoyo design and performance imo.

Sigtyr, Valk, and Flashback are 3 that I feel could be up there but haven’t tried myself. I’m probably forgetting 1 or 2 others too.

(Ken) #5

MYY vulfgang is a nice choice. A grade vulfgangs are one of the smoothest bi-metals I’ve tried out of the box.

(Ken) #6

Sig and Valk are both really good. I feel like the Valk jams less on the most complicated of tech tricks where excessive amounts of string are in the gap of the yoyo. The Sig is a teeny bit better at speed and a microscopic amount worse at complicated tech. Both have that unique, super stable and powerful feel that many yoyos don’t achieve so they always feel like they come back faster than you expect on a bind.

(Ken) #7

Top 5 for me:

  1. YYR Valk
  2. Unprld Cog
  3. YYR Sig
  4. Atomic Crash
  5. Edge Beyond
    …and the smoothest yoyo of all time award goes to the Titanium Hummingbird!!!

I’ve tried so many monometals, this list reminds me I gotta start trying bimetals :sweat_smile:


You tried the bitanium hummingbird? :scream:

I feel like that and the Fulvia BTM-R have to be the pinnacle of yoyo.

(Ken) #9

Yeah, they had it out to try at worlds.

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I’ve only tried two bi-metals so far. I got a Nobunaga and a Grasshopper X this week and I’m fairly certain I like the Grasshopper more. The Nobunaga is fun, but there were a few catches where I thought I felt the rims shifting. It could totally be my imagination, though.

I’ve got my eye on the Omnitron, wondering if anyone has any impressions of it but they don’t seem to be selling…

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I still maintain the Draupnir is the best bimetal of all time. I have a Valkyrie and while a good yoyo, it’s a little chunky and the design is a little more ‘aggressive’ than the Draup. I’d imagine the Sig feels slightly similar, but I’d still like to try one.

The NSCo. Helix is a fun little bimetal but not exactly the best player. Still, it won’t leave my collection.

I’d have to sit down and think about all the bimetals I’ve thrown, but here’s my list:

  1. Draupnir.
    2-∞. Irrelevant
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(Brian Datz) #12

1/2) Hummingbird or Flashback depending on my mood that day
3) 2Sick x Radical Seas Tempo

I have a really tough time picking a favorite between the hummingbird and flashback. The hummingbird is very comfortable for me, so I think it has a slight edge there. Both are absolutely fantastic

The Tempo takes a not-so-distant third. It’s a different animal all together in terms of feel and play, but it’s very comfortable for me and ticks off all of the boxes. As a side note, I have the brass one, not SS.

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The Magicyoyo REX is the very best bi-metal yoyo I own and have ever thrown.

The Fulvia BTM-R is neck and neck with the REX. But to choose only one; the REX is it.

I feel that lack of exposure is the Number 1 reason the REX is seldom mentioned.

It is cost prohibitive to most; I guess. Pretty sad really.

Magicyoyo really did their homework before they released the REX.

It ‘is’ a Magicyoyo but they should have named it ‘The Magicyoyo’.


There are so many great bi-metals on the market today, and sadly i love them all! <3

These are my current favs tho: (No order of importance)

  1. #yyfspacecowboy
  2. #yyfnightmare
  3. #basecampyoyo Navigator
  4. #yyfmarco
  5. #yyfedge
  6. #yyfedgebeyond
  7. #yyfalta
  8. #yyfsuperstar
  9. #yyfboost
  10. #yyfspacecadet
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(ClockMonsterLA) #15

What are the machined plastic yoyos with metal rims called? Hybrids? Plimetals?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #16

Hybrids, usually.

(LJ) #17

Hybrids with metal rimmed plastic YoyoJams actually referred to the hybrid response on some models. Half starburst and half o-ring. I did though start to see people refer to the metal/plastic yoyo as a “hybrid”.


I have only tried 3 bi-metals, but in order of favorites:
Hummingbird > Space Cadet > Marco

(Alexander) #19

I’ve heard of plastic/metal yoyos referred to as bi-material yoyos.


There seems to be some kind of three letter pattern to your favorites, I just can’t put my finger on it :rofl: … interesting that the classic Space Cowboy is your tops though (first YYF bimetal ever).

To be honest I feel “best bimetal” is a bit of a red herring :fish: because yoyo design is so good these days and 7068 / 7075 so prevalent that other than aesthetics (since you can make stainless so thin) there’s no real reason to put bimetals at the top of the heap over monometals any more.

That said I do love rim weight, so bimetals ftw!

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