The Bi-Metal Hype is...


So just got my first bimetal (King Yo Star Rapid) and I can see what all the hype is about. Couldn’t tilt the yoyo even if I wanted to. Stable as they come!

That is all! ;D

PS. Do yourself a favor a pick up a bimetal asap.

I’ve played a few bi-metals and they’re nice. But they aren’t like night and day when it comes to performance. They pretty much achieve the same thing as a thick-rimmed all aluminum yoyo, without having excessively thick/bulky rims. My Elysian seems impossible to tilt and makes a great yoyo to learn on.

I agree with this though. It does “feel” different, but I have stable yoyos as well so the same can be achieved with heavy rim profiles.

But getting a very light yoyo with extreme rim weight is not so easy.

And i guess this is the “feel” that im talking about. I can actually feel the weight on the rims compared to feeling the weight evenly distributed. And when I throw it the yoyo feels like a gyroscope in terms of the force you feel on the edges.

Yeah, some bimetals are better at showing it than others. The Draupnir is one that shows it well, as is the Leo Sniper MKII. Heavier bimetals typically don’t show it as well in my opinion, but still have powerful spin times; my Space Cowboy feels this way… Nothing special about the weight distribution until I bind too early and it smacks my hand.