Bi-metal yoyos

are bi metal yo-yos really that good? like in comparison to regular yo-yos do they play better? what is the difference?

in my fairly limited experience, they don’t necessarily play better, they just play different. The supposed benefit of bi metal design is that you can really load up the rim weight, increasing spin time and stability. My Space Cowboy isn’t any more stable than my Code 2 though. I’d even say that my Code 2 might have a little longer of a spin.

Seriously though it’s all a matter of opinion. I’m not really bitting into the whole bi metal thing, but a lot people prefer them, so I’d just try for yourself and figure out what you like.

^^^I can assure you that basing your assumptions on the use of only one of the available bi-metals will give you far from conclusive results. Instead of just comparing what you discovered with the space cowboy, run the same test with a Slasher or Draupnir and tell what you think :wink:

Bi-metals tend to come into their own at lighter weights. The extreme rim weighting means that the overall yoyo can be lighter whilst still having a greater amount of stability that is harder to achieve with all-aluminium designs of a lighter weight.

Perfect example, the Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper Mark 2

The newer version of this weighs only 58.5g. Getting a decent amount of stability out of a full sized, all-aluminium yoyo of that weight would be very difficult. However since the Leo Sniper has brass weight rings it means that it has more weight at the rims than could be achieved conveniently with aluminium.

Therefore the end result is a yoyo that is very light, but also very stable.

Yes, you can get bi-metal yoyos that are 66g+, that will be ridiculously stable, but they’re not normally as popular because not everyone is a fan of heavy, solid yoyos. Really, the biggest selling point for bi-metals is the increased performance at a lighter weight (Draupnir and Nobunaga are two more examples of this).

That being said, design > material. A poorly-designed bimetal can be outperformed by a well designed aluminium throw. Just because a yoyo is bi-metal does not guarantee that it’ll be amazing. :-X

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Man Sturm Panzer makes the sexiest looking yoyos! They need to start selling these things in america. Can’t wait till my Leo Sniper gets here

is the space cowboy a well made bi metal? is it worth the 130? and does tylers signature on it give it more value?

The space cowboy is a very solid, non floaty throw. It is fast and powerful as well. It is a great performer, just not for me.

I wouldn’t say it has more value due to Tyler’s signature. YoyoFactory is known to produce more than average on almost all their yoyos. The Space Cowboy is a very well-made bi-metal, it’s my favorite yoyo not because it’s bi-metal, but because it plays superbly. It’s worth the 130. However don’t expect the value to go up and don’t expect to get a great resale value out of it. It’s made in China and produced in great quantity. There’s plenty of people who own a Space Cowboy and plenty made by YoyoFactory that’s still being sold. If you are afraid of it’s value rather than it’s awesome performance, I would try CLYW or OneDrop. CLYW and OneDrop yoyos are made in USA and don’t produce as much yoyos as YoyoFactory and their resale values, especially CLYW’s tend to be up there in my honest opinion and based on what I’ve seen.

Well the thing is, if you take top of the line bi-metals you have to compare them to top of the line single metals also. It wouldn’t make sense to compare the draupnir to the Code 2 like i did with the space cowboy. Comparing the draupnir to the Positron 2, or other top end metal yoyos would be a closer comparison, and I’m betting that the there wouldn’t necessarily be a clear cut better yoyo that everyone would agree on there.

Again though, i don’t speak from experience, this is all just speculation.

Your still not even in the same ball park! I think you will find in most peoples opinion, a Draupnir will far exceed the performance of a Positron 2…all day long!
I get a sneaky suspicion that the only bi-metal you’ve ever tried is the space cowboy.

Well i stand corrected then.

How well does the Draupnir play? Is it seriously night and day better than anything else around that price range? I might pick one up tonight for the drop.

^^^ If hard spinning and stability are features you look for in your throws…you might want to invest!

It’s one of those yoyos that make you smile in awe upon the first throw. Nothing like it, believe it or not.

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The hype about the draunpir is real I own 6 of them

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The Draupnir is def unique in its own right and has a feel that I haven’t quite felt with other bi-metals thus far.

BUT, its weight is something that makes it not the most “chill” throw if you get what I mean.

If you like playing fast as the Draupnir LOVES this.

AHH HOW? You were just asking for one on instagram!!!

I gotta grab a new one too :-\

I dunno… The Draupnir certainly loves to be pushed fast, but think it can also be extremely chill. Since it’s so light, it takes minimal effort to make it move, and it seems to hang in the air on gentle pops. Coupled with the ease of movement, it spins up extremely fast, and stays stable and long spinning, so you can throw it softer than most other throws and still have plenty of juice for a nice combo. The light weight also makes binding at low rpms easier than most throws. I usually throw my Draupnir at about half power, purely because it doesn’t need to have my strongest throws behind it in order to perform great, and then it takes minimal effort to perform movements at a relaxed pace.

That being said, yeah, it still eats up strong throws and fast movements. Overall, it’s a very versatile beast.

Lol I was lucky enough to have money when people posted them up for sale but I had to trade throws and throw in cash to get 2 of them the other 4 I paid cash for them and I caught the restock yyr had for the gun metal color

Yeah I get what your saying. It just (for me anyway) requires more finesse that I’m just not used to coming from heavier throws to move slowly. I just feel it loves going fast! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s definitely a different kind of chill than something like a Markmont. Classic with the brass SEs. I just think it’s awesome that the Draupnir can do both from one throw to the next.