Space cowboy compared to Draupnir

So folks, I was wondering what you out there thought of the space cowboy compared to the likes of the Draupnir. Now I know that most will go and say that the Draupnir is the best yoyo ever made, but I would just like people’s thoughts on what they think since both are bi-metal and made similar.

I only played the Draup briefly, but it is on the lighter side, whereas the Space Cowboy has more presence on the string.

They’re both incredibly stable and will handle anything you throw at them with aplomb. Go with whether you like a light touch on the string or something a bit more solid (not slow and heavy, mind you… it’s still in the light to middle side of things!).

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Hopefully, the significance of the Space Cowboy is in its existence more than its actual play.

Like the 2014 Genesis, I can’t help wondering whether the weight rings actually add anything to the play of the yo-yo; or, would it have played better without them? Many times, I find the Space Cowboy degenerates into ordinariness. It performs more like a regular metal rather than a bi-metal as the spin slows. The spin-time is nothing impressive after a few loose string-hits.

While I like the Space Cowboy very much; it is not at the same level as the Draupnir. The Draupnir never seems to lose momentum or grace on the string. The Draupnir is light and powerful at the same time. Its agility and float, combined with the spin of a 70g yo-yo makes it a special achievement in terms of play and performance.


So what do you guys think should have been done to the space cowboy to warrant it to not be so ordinary? Should it have been heavier, made of 7075 and steel rings?

I do not think it is ordinary. Geezer has simply found his yoyo soul mate in the Draupnir. :wink:

I’ve owned both (I sold my draupnir…) and while I won’t say they’re equal… they’re both good.

The Draupnir edges out the Space Cowboy, but mostly because I prefer the lighter feel overall. I don’t love the shape, but I understand why it was done this way… it’s a simple design purpose built for what it does.

To say the space cowboy is ordinary would be hyperbole… it’s easily one of the best yo-yos that yyf has made. That said, I -HATE- the shape of it… but that doesn’t impact the play, just my personal preference. For me anyway, it’s extremely awkward to throw and takes a bit to get use to it… but once you do, it’s a fantastic throw.

Of course then there is price… the Draupnir, despite being an incredible yoyo to play with… is -massively- over priced. Yes, it’s japanese, yes it’s yyr… so that’s to be expected… but I couldn’t justify actually keeping the yo-yo.


So since the price of the Draupnir is really high, do u think the price of the SC is justifiable compared to how it plays?

I personally think the Space Cowboy is priced exactly right.

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Made in China bimetals commonly fall around $70, occasionally as high as $95.
YYJ ones are around $130.

Wasn’t Geezer the one spouting off about only buying American a while back?

I really like this sentence. Preference does not impact play.

No, I think you are mistaken. I do not make buying decisions based on the country of origin. I can recall no posts related to country of origin being my preferred.

If anything, I have lambasted domestic manufacturers (OneDrop, CLYW) for NOT making bi-metal throws even as the marketplace has clearly begun to move in that direction. Was that because of a perceived YYJ patent, or just complacency? Hmmmm. Maybe another thread there.

I think you have mis-read my comment. I did not say that the Space Cowboy was ordinary. What I said was that as the Space Cowboy loses its spin, it becomes very much an ordinary yo-yo.

By contrast, the Draupnir never seems to lose its almost magical momentum. Even as the yo-yo spin slows, the Draupnir will still return to your hand with a power that will surprise. With the Space Cowboy, that surprising power that usually accompanies a bi-metal throw, deteriorates faster as the yo-yo slows. At a certain point, the performance of the slowing Space Cowboy begins to converge with a single-metal throw.

This a very relative comparison. On its own the Space Cowboy is a great yo-yo that is only eclipsed by only a very few throws on the market. If you want to see what bi-metal is all about - get a Space Cowboy. If you want to play the best bi-metal experience currently available; get a Draupnir.

Either way; you will not be disappointed by the increased performance of a bi-metal yo-yo.

I did indeed misread!

I do think you’re a bit hyperbolic about the difference the bi-metalness makes. Yes, it’s a simple fact (not an opinion) that the exact weight distribution is literally impossible with a single material. But I’m willing to bet that a 7075 “Draupnir” with slightly thicker rims (to get the same amount of weight even if it’s not identically distributed) would also be a wonderful and desirable yoyo.

I’ve played the Draupnir for a short while and I loved it. I would even add one to my collection if the price were right. I’ve owned the Space Cowboy.

I prefer the single-metal Krown and Valor over both. And I know at least one well established player who prefers some single-metal yoyos over the Draupnir as well (though the player I’m thinking of also does prefer a weight-ringed yoyo over almost everything).

Like always and forever, it’s still a game of preferences. And not everyone’s preferences will be met by the weight distributions that a bi-metal throw is capable of. And when the second metal type isn’t being used in a way that creates a weight distribution ONLY possible with a bi-metal, it’s just a decoration and a single material will do just fine.

Lyrical miracle

When I first got my Draupnir I didn’t really like it but after getting used to it, it’s easily my best performing yo-yo. I still prefer Code 1 though.

So do you guys this that the SC is a good substitute for people that can’t afford a Draupnir?? Is it worth the buy or is it simply better to just save for a Draupnir?

Substitute u wut ok
Those 2 are designed for totally different playstyles. The closest thing to a deraupnir i v come across, although still very different, is the YYJ Next level. Derpnir is lighter, more floaty and a tiny bit more stable horizontally.
Havent tried a space cow myself, but heard from more than one person that it has a similar idea to it as the night moves series and the diamondback. Not as fast and loses spin quickly to aggressive play, because it is not intended to do those things to begin with.

Yeah, they’re not similar. Even the single-metal Krown is more Draupnirish (but still not the same) than the SC.

Interestingly; a few weeks ago at Nationals; when Tyler Severance won 5A(using a Space Cowboy); he didn’t seem to have any difficulty, whatsoever, keeping the Yoyo spinning.

No one ever specifically said that the Space Cowboy was a ‘Po-mans’ Draupnir.

Drop the Tunnel vision and think of it more like this: The Space Cowboy(in the category of Bi-metal yoyos) is a lower priced alternative to the Draupnir; also providing a High Performance, bi-metal playing experience.

…So several guys decide that the Draupnir is a Giant Killer and there is ‘No’ room left for other options?

So if a guy just goes out and ‘bounces the Bucks’ for a Space Cowboy; his friends should tell him, ‘Uh, nice Yoyo, but you should have saved up more money and bought a Draupnir.’

…This is one those: Your girlfriend is Beautiful, but she’s not as pretty as her sister; quandries.

‘I’d really like to get a Space Cowboy but my friends say it’s all about the Draupnir or I wasted money and I’m a Failure… Cuz no way I can get a 9 minute Combo with a Space Cowboy’.

Let’s All forget about the design and Testing Team behind the Space Cowboy. Let’s forget about Hans and Ben and Tyler and Pat and the rest of the High Caliber players at YOYOFACTORY. That All had some part in either: developing, testing, fine tuning and finalizing the Space Cowboy.

Let’s just pretend YOYOFACTORY just punche’d out the Space Cowboy because they wanna be like YYR.

Let’s forget about the dozens and dozens of Amazingly excellent playing yoyos; at every Pricepoint.

Let’s just focus on 2 yoyos. One bi-metal Yoyo that costs over 200 bucks and plays really really well. And one bi-metal Yoyo that costs a hundred something; and also plays(not exactly the same) really really well.

And by the way; where’s Willy Wonka? I ran outta chocolate.

PS my Dazzler has been sitting on the bookshelf all morning. I have been throwing my New Too Hot. Most impressive… Especially considering it’s half the price of a SP and a quarter the price of a Draupnir. And uh, isn’t even a Bi-metal, lol.

Is a Dazzler 3 times better than a Draupnir? Is a Dazzler 4 or 5 times better than a Space Cowboy? Is it 12 times better than a Too Hot? Is a Dazzler 3 times better than a YYR Laser? Who really cares.

Show me a picture of her sister, again?

Go figure.