Space Cowboy

OMG Hnnnggg… Might have to grab some YYFs, this just looks ridiculously amazing! An American Draupnir?! Ah so curious what the price is going to be. Haven’t been this excited about a yoyo in a long time! Post all Space Cowboy info as it’s found in this thread.

I am so HYPED for this, I want to know what metal the rims are.

It’s either bimetal (highly doubt it since YYJ patents) so it’s probably polished or whatever to make it have silver rims

It’s clearly bi metal

Stainless steel rims to be exact.

Apparently they found a loophole around YYJs patent.

Aww, the steel isn’t aligned with the body.

curious about the price point. I’m guessing $145ish

It’s aluminium with steel rims.

It’s probably the best bi metal made by an American company to date (at least in my opinion). Personally I prefer the draupnir, but the Space Cowboy is very impressive and I highly recommend it.

Given YYF’s history the price will be very reasonable, considering bi metals are much more expensive to produce.

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I doubt a bi-metal will be priced that high

Its bimetal.

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Draupnir, $220. Laser, $220. Anglam, $290, Anglam CC, $210.


Which others are you comparing it too?

The '14 Genesis is also bi-metal.

Japanese, Japanese, Japanese, Japanese. Japanese yoyos are very pricy bi-metal or not.

SuperFly REMIX, $175. Leviathan, $190. Prominence, $180. Double Joker, $180. Uroborus, $180. You get the idea.

That being said, it will probably sell for around the same price the 2014 Genesis did.

I would assume all of the Yyj’s (next level, hex, diamondback) and the Northern Spin ones (even though I’m pretty sure they’re are Canadian. Prolly speaking in the North American sense though).

Bi-metals are cool and all, and can even make the material stronger around the rims, but it makes things MUCH more expensive when you could just distribute the weight throughout the material. The added assembly time of inserting weight rims or weight rings really adds to the price.

I’m a long time fan of Yoyofactory, I love their throws.

But between this and the Cypher I have to second guess myself. ???

Don’t like it. It just looks… Cheap, for lack of a better description.

I’m sorry. :frowning:

One word.


Just wondering but have you gotten to try the turning point palpitation yet yoyodoc?

Wait, so you’ve tried it?
If so, is there more you can tell us :o