Considering picking up a bi-metal... Space Cowboy vs. Slasher

I’ve been doing some research, and have narrowed my next throw down to one of these two options… For those who have experience with both, I would be interested in your opinions on playability - e.g. stability, forgiveness in learning new tricks, spin time, feel, etc. - as well as general quality, fit and finish.

Yoyo Factory Space Cowboy:

Yoyo Addicts sOMETHING Slasher:

Not many people have tried a Slasher yet, period. Take people’s advice with a grain of salt. :wink:

They’re both top-end yoyos. My advice is to get the one you can afford OR whichever one you like the appearance of better. Neither are going to hold you back, that’s for sure.

Thanks Greg. Yes, I am certain that neither will hold me back!! And while they are slightly different price points, I’m trying to determine which I’d prefer outright.

I like the looks of the Slasher… and it appears to be a little higher quality (made in Japan vs China) - granted that this likely has no affect on playability, just aesthetics.
I’m just hoping some folks have played with both, and can comment on those aspects…

So I have a Slasher and it is slightly smaller in every respect from the Space Cowboy. There is only part of the Slasher that I don’t like as much and it’s the gap which doesn’t seem to like Kitty Fat as I would get random binds at the worst times on some tricks. But that said, it just has a nice weighty spin, great shape and is wonderfully fast!

Unfortunately I haven’t thrown a Space Cowboy so I have no idea how to compare them other than size.

I think the Slasher has a 4.3mm gap… would that be considered on the small side? (Space Cowboy has 4.7mm gap). I generally prefer medium width string at this point…

I’m currently using a Nylon string with the Slasher and it feels fine. :slight_smile: But like on my Shutter, and most other throws, I prefer Fat Kitty.

How do you find the Slasher to play?

there have been reports that the slasher lacks torque and spins out quickly during high stress, 3d or multiple string layered tricks.
however it s not like it is designed for those kind of things to begin with

If you have the money for a slasher I would go for it

Have you thought about skipping the bi-metal, and going straight for the yyf dream titanium yoyo? At $200 it’s cheaper than the Slasher.

I would say that it isn’t that it spins out quickly but rather it slows down easily if you do any complicated, multiple string tricks.

As stated though, it isn’t really designed for those type of tricks.

I tried the Space Cowboy and Slasher. I am sorry for saying this, but C3yoyodesign Berserker SS beats them on spin times, stability and solidness. Just my preference.

No need to be sorry. But to say that it straight “beats them” I dunno. You could have started it stating that your preference was the Berserker SS because it spins better, is more stable and solid probably would have been a clearer statement without starting any of the “THIS IS THE BEST YOYO EVA OMG” but meh, the interwebs. :slight_smile:

Actually… I did get in on that deal; looked too good to pass up. I do tend to get a bit carried away when I get interested in something new!

Since you tried both the Space Cowboy and the Slasher, what were your impressions of them relative to each other?

Get palp, Draupnir, Anglam, rainfly, berserker ss instead

Can’t forget schneider mk2

Agree on the palp and draupnir

Would go anglam CC over anglam

Thanks, but I’m really more interested in the two I mentioned in my OP…
Anyway, the Draupnir is unobtainium, Berserker SS is sold out, Rainfly is not bi-metal, and the others have the heavy metal on the inside ring of the lip (I wanted to try one with the weight on the outside of the lip for the most pronounced effect.)

Rainfly’s bi-metal.

I’ve thrown 2 different space cowboys and both had a slight vibe. Overall was very stable though and pretty fun to play with.

Schneider has the ring on the outside and is still in stock at the manufacturer website. Llama also has the trick motion still in stock as well with the rings on the outside.

I’ve heard from a couple people though that the schneider mk2 outplays the draupnir.

Can’t forget the nobunaga is on the way too.