Considering picking up a bi-metal... Space Cowboy vs. Slasher

Did the vibe affect the play? I’ve read that all bi-metals are prone to vibe…

I was also hoping to support YoyoExperts, and buy one that they carry

as much as i like the yoyoexpert the rainfly is the best bimetal for the price that ive played…

Thanks guys - I appreciate all the recommendations. Looks like maybe I should open up the bi-metal search a bit more beyond the Space Cowboy and Slasher…
Based on my current skill level, my priority with this yoyo is that it be stable, spin well, and be generally forgiving to facilitate learning new tricks. If a particular yoyo sacrifices those traits somewhat in favor of outright “performance” potential for an advanced player, then that’s probably not the one for me. With that in mind, do any yoyos you’ve had experience with particularly stand out?

rainfly… super stable… a really forgiving yoyo imo…

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If that’s your main criteria, why bi-metal? Bi-metal is for getting extreme weight placement, and doesn’t have any other magic properties. Lots of “forgiving” yoyos out there that are single metal. You want a yoyo that’s easy to learn tricks on and has incredible stability? Get a H5xChief. :wink:

Vibe on the space cowboy didn’t affect performance but I wanted to make sure you were aware. Personally I say go for it since it’s such a nice yoyo.

Most new yoyos released these days will meet and exceed your expectations.

Vibe with the fingernail test on my Rainfly, Spacecowboy and Berserker SS is very minimal on all. I think one thing that happens with extremely rim weighted throws is that you have to throw it more accurately to prevent it from vibing from the throw. Some of my more center weighted throws feel smoother on the throw just because its easier to get a good throw on them.

Out of the three I’ve mentioned I would say the Berserker SS easily has the most extreme weight distribution. And will let you be sloppier on the string without slowing it down. All three are totally amazing.

For the price the Rainfly can not be beat.

I believe this to be true as well. Was flamed on FB for suggesting it. :wink: I wish I had the physics vocabluary to have argued debated longer… I just gave up. Haha!

Makes sense about the weight distribution. The guy I spoke with at YoyoExperts yesterday indicated that he felt the Space Cowboy and Slasher were the most forgiving (which is why they’re on my short list), and what you’re describing about weight distribution and how it affects a smooth throw versus stability during tricks seems to make perfect sense. My Chico Bulldog 225 is probably on the more center-weighted end of the spectrum… which is probably why I liked it so much when trying it out as a raw beginner at the store: easy to get a good throw, narrow gap so easy to bind… probably a great starter non-responsive.
Now that I’m learning some more involved tricks, I am thinking that I would enjoy a design more optimized for stability during string catches… so I guess I’m on the right track.

How do you think shape affects playability dynamics? I’ve heard that the aggressive V-shapes are fast, but maybe less forgiving for beginners, while a more H-/butterfly-shape is a bit more forgiving. (This has also been a factor in narrowing my choices.) Any thoughts on this?

Overall, my feeling is that lighter yoyos are faster. The physics supports this. :wink:

With two yoyos of identical weight, I believe a V-shaped yoyo will be a bit faster as the overall weight is not as outward from the pivot point during tricks. But you can get H-shapes that have a hunk of center weight, too…

In other words, the profile itself isn’t the ultimate informer of either speed or weight distribution. The shape of the cup matters as much or moreso.

Regarding overall weight, and contour/shape, again, makes sense… although I wonder how the rounded contour shapes (like my Bulldog) would fit into that continuum…

When you say “cup”, do you mean the scalloped-out portion on each side? This seemed to me like it’s mostly to do with how weight is distributed more than anything else… e.g., at a given overall weight, bi-metal yoyos have a thinner rim (because the material there is heavier), compared to all aluminum yoyos with more bulk inside the rim area. Is there more to the effects of cup-shape than this?

Yeah I have next to no real physics knowledge, thats just how they feel to me. Maybe its just the way I throw.

DVC, yeah, the outsides… the part that you could pour your favourite drink into if you wanted to

{insert Becherovka video}

You can have thicker areas further in, like the Cascade, or even a nice thick rounded bump midway through like Square Wheels yoyos. There’s a TONNE you can do with the cup design for distributing weight. A designer will choose profile for a combination of performance and aesthetics reasons. Then they will use the cup to customize weight distribtuion to suit their performance goals, while ideally adding an aesthetic twist with it.

The Chief and other “double-rimmed” yoyos offers an example of a unique cup that achieves a specific result and which also added a new aesthetic element to the design landscape. :wink: But it’s not usually a double rim. It’s usually one or more “thicker” areas anywhere within the cup.

Cool, thanks guys…learning a lot in this thread!

In my OP: Draupnir>Palpitation>Slasher>Rainfly>Anglam CC>Anglam

After much thought (and lots of helpful feedback from this forum) I have decided to go with the YYE Rainfly. It seems to be very well regarded, and for $69 bucks, it seems like a great bargain.

Thanks again for all the help and advice!

you wont regret it trust me…

At any rate, I’m really enjoying this, so I’m quite sure this won’t be my last purchase ; )

its the beginning of the plunge

You’ll enjoy it. I got back into yo-yoing a few months ago and every throw I have gotten has something awesome about it. Hard to get a bad throw now days it seems.