YoyoFactory Pulsar Collection 2, Available Now!

I can’t think of which ones I want to get, perhaps I should get them all. :o So, what do you think, are you going to get one?


Legend, DV888, Cyborg, and Space Cowboy? Correct me, if I’m wrong.

The “hunters” edition makes no sense to me. Is gentry a hunter? The splash looks pretty bad too, but I like the rest of the collection, that space cowboy looks so good!

^ Are you discussing the Shutter, hunter Edition? I don’t think there is a Shutter in the lineup. Maybe because that was the first appearance of the hunter YYF colorway, that you mention it? I don’t know if Patrick is a hunter either, but the Cyborg is in the lineup for this one.

I like the camo splashes, I think they’re different, and it looks great. The eye of the beholder I guess. :-\ My eye is on the Space Cowboy too. ;D

camo is SO over done in SO many arenas I would never buy it.

I would never buy it. when you live with, know and see hunters all of the time you really want something a
more atristic…

camo sucks.


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The space cowboy looks bimetal to me.

I read on YoyoFactory ask.fm that it is indeed a bimetal throw.

that dv888 looks slick, I’m tempted to get one.

The Space Cowboy is for sure a hybrid. Look at how thin the rim is.

That “Space Cowboy” caught my eye instantly. My interest is piqued for sure.

One question though; is it licensed from YYJ? If not, that is definitely very interesting.

Totally agree with you about camo being cheesy and overdone. However, “camo” wasn’t the first thing to pop into my head when I saw that colorway. I didn’t even realize it when the description said “hunter colorway”. It wasn’t until I read your post that I made the connection. From this angle at least, I think the colorway looks awesome. Anyone else not realize it was camo or just me?
And yeah the space cowboy looks sweet

Was the Catch 22?
Like YYF is gonna pay another yoyo company. They’d rather go crazy making something that works around them, and release it once because they can’t make any $$ off it.

The Space Cowboy looks like it has a different material on the rim. The common interpretation has been that this violates the YYJ Patent.

Or, does it?

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That’s what I’m saying, Catch 22 had a more dense rim as well. They went out of their way to manufacture it to stay outside of YYJs patent.
I’m assuming something similar is going on here.

There’s a loophole in the patent is what I was told and that’s how they can do this. Not sure exactly what the loophole is though

I have never read the YYJ patent before (US 6206749 B1). I am not a lawyer, but from my reading of it, neither the Draupnir, Triad or the Cowboy violate this patent.

Again, not a lawyer - but this is super-vague when it comes to the rims. The part that catches my eye:

“Turning now to another aspect of the present invention 10, substantially increased rotational inertia of the present invention is provided by the annular shaped peripheral body portion 16. In the preferred embodiment, locking engagement is accomplished through the interlocking structure at 52 wherein the molded plastic main body portion 14 is integrally molded together with the peripheral body portion 16.”

Looking at the picture, the patent cites a peripheral, annular body that is integrally molded together with the peripheral body. This seems very specific. The accompanying picture makes it clear that these rings are “molded” into the body.

The rings on the Cowboy, Draupnir and Triad do not go all the way to the edge - as cited in the YYJ patent, and they are certainly not “molded” into the body. I think people are reading more into this than there is. This patent seems very specific to the way that YYJ builds yo-yo’s.

They further say:

Moreover, by spacing the peripheral body portions 16 at a maximum distance from the central plane A of the yo-yo 10, the gyroscopic or stabilizing effect from wobbling is further maximized as well. Thus, the laterally outward surfaces 54 of each of the body halves 12 are preferably furthest from the central plane A and establish the maximum width of the yo-yo 10.

This makes it clear that the dense rings are to be on the outside of the yoyo. Another thing; the Patent does not claim the dense rings as a patent. It only cites that using a more dense material - given their construction method - will result in a longer spinning yoyo. This is not claiming more dense rings as a patent. It is claiming that making the yoyo out of two interlocking parts; one of which is more dense than the inner one - will result in a longer spinning yoyo.

A profile on the Space Cowboy:


Photo credit to Yoyofactory Instagram.

I guess they could send the unsold camo ones to Duck Dynasty and hope it gets on the show for free promotion.

Otherwise I have no idea why anyone would want something that just screams redneck.

What is the yoyo hiding from? ???

What’s going on with the blue one’s right rim?

Just a combination of a darker reflection and blown-out whites making the edge vanish into the backdrop.

Still an awesome view of the profile!

I’m after the Space Cowboy for sure… it’s hard to tell to what extent the catch zone is blasted, though. I definitely would like to see a blast in thar.

The dv888 actually looks awesome. If I was ever to get a dv888, this would be the one to grab.

I’m so getting one of these. I’m not Facebook/Instagram savvy, is there a release date?