YoyoFactory U.S.A. Collection

Coming soon! What do you think? I can’t decide on the Shutter or Cyborg. I thought I bought my last Shutter after number 10. We’ll see what happens.

Wait, update below, I spotted the Space Cowboy, and Cypher too. ;D The entire list seems to be Space Cowboy, Cypher, Legend, Shutter, Hubstack, Onestar, Protostar, and Horizon. They look great.





Photos courtesy of @YoyoFactory Instagram

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I’m not a fan of the gold on the onestar and protostar.

It’s cool for them to continue the theme though.

TA told me about it and she’s completely right. I will be purchasing one of those Space Cowboys to go with my Genesis. AWESOME!!!


and just when i decide that the 2014 genesis collection is enough for me this happens… thanks yyf my wallet really “loves” you… >:(

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And they’ve got a Cypher.

i cant seem to find horizon

It’s in the brown cylinder box.

Now to decide, Shutter or Cypher. Or maybe a throw I don’t have yet so I’m not doubling up…decisions, decisions. Haha.

Not a knock on yyf, but half the ‘USA’ collection is made in China

^ I wouldn’t care if they were all made in China. But, for those who care, if half were made in the U.S.A., they can buy that half.


I personally don’t like the coloring on the onestar, protostar, or cyborg. space cowboy is alright, but i don’t like different color halves

Thanks TA, nice find.

I’m with N8dogg in that I’m going to grab one of the Space Cowboys to match my Genesis. I love the Patriotic color scheme.

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The Space Cowboy doesn’t look as good as the Genesis. It needs the beadblast.

Nice find TA. Yyf has really been making colorways look awesome lately!

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I asked on the ask.fm page. The Space Cowboy is shinier than the U.S.A. Genesis was, but it still has a nice grind finish on it.

I don’t know about the USA Collection, but I can confirm that the Pulsar Space Cowboy is shinier than the Pulsar Genesis, but has an even better grind surface. It’s exceptional. If the USA ones are processed the same way, you will not be disappoint.