Any good yoyo factory yoyos you recommend?


I’m want to get a yoyo from yyf that is a really good yoyo?


You’re spoiled for choice! So many good ones.

Shutter, Genesis, Superstar (esp 2013), Supernova… the new hotness in Aviator and Cyborg… I owned an Avant Garde 1 for a long time and it was phenomenal. These are just a few. It’s more like, go through their catalog and pick 2 or 3 that appeal to you the most, and then ask, “do any of these have any particular issues that I should be aware of?” The answer will probably be “no” and then you can g’head with the purchase. :slight_smile:


The new Genesis 2014 is a fabulous YoYo.
I’ve always been a big fan of the Genesis, but they reset the bar when they released the 2014.

It’s easily my favorite YoYoFactory throw.


The shutter is awesome! Best yoyo at that price. I’ve also heard very good things about the 2014 Genesis.


The 2014 Genesis is mind-blowing, but you’ll have to wait on the full production release. The Pulsar was limited in number and sold out everywhere AFAIK. The original Genesis is a classic, too, though.

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Protostars are underrated. They’re top notch plastic yoyos that get no love.


they got plenty of love until the rally, yeti, addiction, and diffusion came along.


Yeah, they’ll always be special to me.


Yup, if you like plastic they are the best. If you do not mind slightly undersized the Dv888 with the upgrade kit is a great value. And as many will tell you, you can not beat the Shutter.


Ya my favorite it the shutter and from yoyo jam i like the legacy 3 and the dark magic 2


Superstar, Supernova, Genesis, Proton, Cyborg, Aviator, Too Hot, Super-G, G-funk, Shutter, Hot, G5 etc.


I think the only YYF I’ve played that I didn’t like a whole lot were the Roll Model and the Equilateral. Everything else I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a whole lot) has been great.



No one has mentioned it here yet, but I love my 7075 Catalyst. It’s a treat.


I really like my Avant Garde 2, I have seen them on BST near mint for around $50 if you look hard. Its nice and floaty, awesome unique shape, I love it! Im getting an MVP2 soon Im sure I will like that too so far my favorite is the Avant Garde 2.

If you are looking for more of a budget throw and want to buy new I would go for a Shutter, Alien Galaxy colorway looks AMAZING for just $65! Solid colors for $45! =).


The Diffusion 2. Just becaus the first one was bad doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.



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Nah not really. Before the release of those other plastics, there wasn’t much mention. After the improvements were made to the yoyo everyone’s eyes were glued to the Rally. But after trying those other plastics I fail to see what they offer that the protostar doesn’t.