What is your favorite YoyoFactory yoyo? I haven’t owned many but if I had to choose one I wanted it would the Aviator

888, but the DNA could overtake that soon…

Ricochet the blue one! or my pulsar superstar… or maybe my 2014 genesis… or maybe it’s my cypher wait wait it’s my protostar… oh heck I love them all!

I forget what it’s called, but it has a shark on it.

Counter Attack

I keep saying to myself “I don’t like the CZM8” but it seems to be the YYF I play most. I also like the Protostar.

It’s either my raw 08 888 or the shutter

Doomsday Genesis followed closely by the Shu-ta.
Love that 7075… ;D


So classy

Pre-2012 Yoyofactory Superstar. An insanely good throw.

Space Cowboy
Too hot

Cowboy, and 7075 Supernova and Catalyst

The Aviator, I think it is the most stable and well rounded yoyo in Yoyoyfactory.

I have a lot of favorites, but as of right now the #yyfregen is where its at!!!

Love Plastics!!! <3

'07 888, followed by TooHOT.

The 2014 Genesis is way up there, too. Also really enjoyed every other flavour of Genesis I’ve tried.

I liked my Genesis (about 2012? 2013?)version. However I am disappointed with my superstar (the classic one)… I don’t find it spinning long and stable. Well maybe that’s just me.

For me it’s definitely the Doomsday Genesis. The fact that you’ve put the Shu-ta in the same sentence as it has certainly perked my interest. I too have a special place in my heart for 7075 throws, and the new Shu-ta in black looks fantastic… hmm… ;D

There are way too many to choose just one. I can’t narrow it down. My favorites are these top 10:

  1. Doomsday Genesis
  2. Small Bearing Genesis
  3. Ricochet
  4. TooH.O.T.
  5. Avant Garde
  6. H.O.T.
  7. Catalyst
  8. Northstar
  9. Blasted Cypher
  10. Blasted Shutter

I could go on, and on, but those are my top 10 for today. :wink:

If you can try out a Shu-ta, I think you’ll like it Gambit. I got one of the $100 mystery boxes and I was happily surprised by how much fun it is. Some people don’t like throws over 66 grams, but between the Doomsday (67.7g) and the Shu-ta(68g), I found my sweet spot. I still favor the Doomsday Genesis, though. Seems to spin all day. I’ll throw it, put it in a wrist mount, make some tea, a couple phone calls, and can still pop it out into a bind with a snap back to my hand. Just an unbelievable throw. But if you’re looking for a carry-around throw that you won’t worry about scratching up, the Shu-ta fits the bill, and the price.

TA, gun to your head, which ONE would you pick. Actually, I don’t like that analogy. How about, disaster in your home, you can only grab one YYF before running out to safety. Which ONE?? :wink:

Super G and TooHot are both really good. So are the Shutter and Horizon. Man, I can’t make up my mind here. 2012 Genesis, SuperNova, and Regen. DUDE! They are just plain awesome.