Space Cowboy is my favorite throw in my collection overall right now, but I like every YYF that I have, so here’s my ranking:

  1. Space Cowboy
  2. Horizon
  3. Regen
  4. Cypher
  5. Aviator
  6. Super G
  7. Shutter
  8. Shaqlerstar

Previously had a CZM8 and Popstar as well but don’t anymore. CZM8 would come in above the Super G, and Popstar would be ahead of the Shaqlerstar.

Really want to get another CZM8 to replace the one I gifted away, and also a Too H.O.T. in order to round out my YYF budget metal collection. After that I’ll track down a Ricochet, then some other of the mid to high end ones I’m missing. YYF is a great company, really make me want one of everything they make!

Mvp 1
7075 USA Supernova

Seriously the original mvp is one of the classiest yoyos ever

hmm thats not the one. maybe it was the ‘honorable shark’ or something? it was all metal.

Shark’s Honor is a MagicYoyo, not a YYF.

There are so many different models favored here that it goes to show just how popular YYF is.
For me I really like the Mystery Box Cypher, but, my all time favorite YYF is the Equilateral which was part of the 2013 Black Friday Mystery Box.

YYF Primo for me I love this thing its so smooth I may be getting a USA edition shutter though so things might change.

Well you’ve certainly sold it to me well. I’m also a fan of heavier yoyos, preferably around the 67-68g range, so if they’re still in stock next time I make an order I think I’ll be picking one up. Thanks for the recommendation. :slight_smile:

You’re not wrong about the Doomsday either. More spin power than a ballet dancer in a washing machine…

Probably 888 and the original superstar :3

My Aussie 888.

Don’t deny the truth, the CZM8 is great ::slight_smile:


its a toss up between the 2014 genesis and the too hot

They’re both so good… I can’t get over how much I’m enjoying the TooHOT.

I have a Horizon and just picked up a Pulsar Genesis. Love the Horizon, but I am amazed at how fun the Genesis is. It feels completely different than all of my other throws. It’s really fun. I am impressed with YYF so far.

Still waiting on an answer to this TA. :stuck_out_tongue:

At the moment the Aviator and Space Cowboy are pretty high on my ‘to buy’ list, I’m just waiting for the moment until I see a colourway that I fancy. I haven’t really been the biggest fan of the splashes they’ve been putting on the Aviator so far, (apart from that ridiculously attractive Aviator that only sold in Mexico), which sucks because I really want to buy one.

I’m keeping my hopes up for some Alien Galaxy action in the near future. A man can dream can’t he?

Sorry, I missed this one. This must be the most difficult question ever. :-\ I was just playing a Superstar classic today, yet another one I’d add to the favorites list, so it keeps getting longer. That’s what I love about YoyoFactory, with all those great models they have. There aren’t just a few YYF greats, but far more than that.

I know I think way too much, but the problem is, if there was a disaster in my home, I’d grab a certain YYF yo-yo, not because it’s my favorite one to play, but because it’s the most sentimental.

So, if there was a disaster, with that in mind, I think I’d grab my 1/1 Aviator, a gift from the Fact’ry. It has the most sentimental value. It’s a YoyoExpert colored Aviator.

Hi I met you at skillcon and you helped me pick out my favorite yoyo the genesis

That’s pretty epic. You got a picture of said Aviator? I vaguely recall seeing it in a group shot with a bunch of others a while back but it’d be cool to see a classic TA close up. ;D