Favorite yoyofactory throw


Turntable and nightmare.


Tried a ton of them, not particularly fond of the company’s overall quality but I’d have to say the Mighty Flea (and the Titanium Dream.)

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Doomsday Genesis. Started with one of the best designs ever and made it better.

(InvaderDust) #4

Also not a huge fan of the company, but the New 2016 SuperStar is pretty excellent.


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Genesis and avant-garde


The dv888 starter pack from YYE is fun.


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2016 Dogma




Northstar and TOO Hot are both great imo


I am a HUGE fan of the company. I have too many favorites to count, but top 5 looks like this:

  1. TooHOT
  2. Dream
  3. Ricochet
  4. Genesis (Doomsday/any)
  5. Superstar (2016/any)

Tons of their models are great, Nightmare, Turntable, VKss, Dogma, Horizon, I could go on and on.


This. So much this.

For me it’d be the following. (Included pictures of certain yoyos from my actual collection (Doomsday, Proton, Turntable), so what you see are my actual personal examples of these.)


  1. Doomsday Genesis[/b] - An absolute masterpiece. Nuff said.

2. Proton - There’s something about the Proton that I just adore. I can’t really put my finger on it, but everything just works for me. The shape, the size, the feel, the performance… it’s just perfect. Also, it was the first yoyo to drop the Galaxy colourway, which makes it the stuff of legend.

As far as I’m concerned, the Galaxy Proton is the best looking yoyo ever made.

3. Cyborg (Original) - Is one of the least-appreciated yoyos out there imo. It feels so different to the rest of YYF’s lineup, and plays more like a CLYW than a traditional YYF. Great blast, great performance, comfortable in the hand and rejects like a boss. Love it.

4. Dogma (USA) - The more I play it, the more I love it. The more I play it, the more I want to play it. Those who own one will understand.

I say “USA made” just because the blast on it is better and it just feels nicer in the hand. Plus you get those sweet sweet colourways.

5. Turntable - Feels like it’s made of Titanium or some other obscure metal. The weight distribution on it is so unique, I haven’t got another yoyo that plays like it. Great fun.

So yeh that’s me! :smiley:


I love my Shutter and Dogma. I really like my Too HOT,Aluminum Dream, Superstar Bimetal and Cyborg 2.0. Great company!


I love yoyofactory as well.

This pulsar superstar is a stellar competition throw, and looks amazing as too!


I’ve only been yoyoing for a year and the bulk of my yoyos are YYF. Here are some of my favorites:

My first aluminum yoyo and I still love it. I was just throwing it and practicing about an hour ago. As much as I like my other yoyos this one still calls to me.

Too H.O.T.
Probably my favorite yoyo right now. I got it from the Mystery Box A and I really like it.

A fun little throw. I come back to it now and then but I’m so spoiled by the long spin times of my other yoyos that I don’t play with this one very often. For a while, it was my only yoyo set up for 5A

A brilliant yoyo which is a better yoyo than I am a player. It’s lighter and less stable than my TOO H.O.T. which makes it faster. But it really shows me when my string isn’t on plane and will quickly tilt to punish me.

Replay Pro(s)
I have 2 of them with the intention of learning to do 3A. But I usually just throw 1A with them. This was my backpack throw for several months. They’re great yoyo, not just for the price, but as a yoyo period.

I have 2 with the intention of learning 2A. 2A is really hard and I just can’t seem to get it. I know these are some of the best 2A yoyos available but I’m not good enough to make use of their quality.

I have one with the intention of learning 4A (with the intention of . . . why does that sound familiar?)
I just started feeling a little bit comfortable with 4A. This is the only 4A yoyo I have so I can’t compare it to anything else, but I keep hearing that it’s a great 4A starter yoyo.

The Mighty Flea
This was on sale at my local store for $20 (what a deal) so I bought it. It really shows me how bad my yoyoing can be. It’s unforgiving and doesn’t spin very long. So why is it so much fun? I may have to challenge myself to only playing with the Flea for a whole week


Bimetal superstar and metal replay!


OG Skyline.


Too hot and bi-metal superstar are some of my favs


Doomsday is great! But I feel like everyone forgets how great the 7075 Luis Enrique Genesis is. It was based off the Doomsday Genesis, just had a little lip around the response pad. It is an amazing amazing yoyo.


#1 for me is the Ricochet.

Such a fun yoyo that fits nicely in the hand and you can throw around madly without worrying about damaging it.