YYF yoyo under $100

I’m planning on saving up for a good YYF yoyo under $100. What’s the best one I can get? I want it for regular string tricks. I don’t really have preferences on shape.

Also I think the Genesis looks pretty cool.

If they have any left in stock, I’m in love with the 2013 supernova. I don’t like the previous versions, but I love the new one.

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Well any of them are as well made as the next so if the genesis looks good I would go for it.
There is no best yoyo, and since you have no preference the only thing you can do is buy what you think looks good.
The genesis is a beast of a yoyo, has been used to win lots of titles and is as good as a yoyo gets.
Not to say there are not yoyos you may like more. Just saying its an awesome yoyo you won’t likely hate.
Just understand it is a competition based yoyo, so the gap is huge, (which means your bind needs to be strong.)

Thanks for the quick replies! How is the Shutter? That looks really neat and it’s cheaper. I’m not particularly interested in competition yoyos so I might wait to get Genesis.

Personally, the Equilateral is my favorite YYF period, but it’s over $100. Next would be the MVP(not the 2), but that’s even more expensive.

Stepping down, depending what you want:

The Shutter just is astoundingly good for the $45 it sells for. Talk about fantastic value!!

The 2013 Superstar is also amazing as well. More expensive, but it’s down to shape/size preferences.

If you’re into the shape, the Roll Model is really good too. It’s not an ideal shape for me, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with mine lately.

If you’re not opposed to plastics, the Protostar is a proven winner. If slower is your thing, then Northstar.

My preferences don’t work well with the Nova, SuperNova, Severe, Genesis and 888x of what I’ve tried. Sorry, but I disliked these.

The dv888 is a bit bland for me but otherwise good. A touch heavy for it’s size. Glad I have it, but it sure isn’t a favorite.

Cool! How would you compare the Shutter to a Rally? I know they’re very different yoyos. But just what’s a better value?

I’d choose the shutter, but it’s alllll preference.

I was fortunate enough to get in on the last I the supernova severe combos and I have to say I really really like that 2013 supernova the high wall wide catch area with be thicker rim makes it one of the nicer metals I have (I was extremely skeptical of liking it). I doesn’t replace my majesty or chik but it is definitely on equal ground.

I do not own any high-end YYFs or even a Budget metal. But, from what I have heard:

and G-Funk