Luis genesis or shutter?

I have a Luis genesis. The type three 7075 version. I’m wondering if I should also get a shutter.
But I don’t want to get a shutter and then realize the Luis genesis is better and have the shutter be a bad investment.
Any suggestions?

The Genesis is part of a series of yoyos from YYF that are simply not a good fit for me. Nothing wrong with the yoyo in any way though. This is a yoyo that just didn’t work for me.

The Shutter, if you’re more into V-type shapes, is an excellent yoyo. The blasted version is better because it can grind a lot better, so it expands the capability of this yoyo quite a bit. At only $45, it’s still great at twice the price. The only negative thing I can say about the Shutter is the bearing, but that’s not a blanket statement. To save costs, YYF is using the SPEC bearing. Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of SPEC bearings go bad on me(cleaning doesn’t resolve the issue), so this is just a warning of what could happen. I personally find the Shutter to work best with a CenterTrac bearing. With the money you save on the yoyo, I think putting a CenterTrac bearing in there would be a wise upgrade for this yoyo, even if the stock bearing is working great.

Things like “better” are relative to the player and their preferences. I don’t care what people do or don’t like. Whatever your preferences tell you is better, that’s all that matters. Whatever your preferences say “I like”, that’s what’s important. Ignore the fact that Gentry Stein, the person whose name is on the yoyo, used the Shutter to win US Nationals 2013.

Is the Genesis better than the Shutter? Only you can decide for yourself what is better. Both are great yoyos. Short of trying before buying, the only way you can know about the Shutter is to play one. Are there any clubs, teams or meet-up groups? A store nearby that carries it and you can try it?

I play and I collect but I don’t collect/keep what I don’t like. I got a Shutter from the first batch released. I got one for my kid too. I also just picked up a blasted gold one the other day. I enjoy the Shutter, and it’s the ONLY YYF metal I own two of. I will admit that the Shutter is super affordable, which is why I did buy a second though. If they were cheaper, I’d love to get a second Equilateral and MVP(not 2).

That is an amazing point.

So would you say it is worth getting to try out and compare the two?

there are no clubs or stores nearby that would have a shutter to test out.

Luis Genesis by FAR.

However, the shutter is loads cheaper and can handle all the tricks you can throw at; and on top of that, the champion edition is out and i hear its like the best yoyo ever.

You decide, as that is what it always comes down to, I just really like the Genesis.

They’re both awesome yoyos that play very differently. I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed if you buy one because most yoyos play amazing these days. The differences really just come down to preferences.

I have the genesis now and i agree. Its the best yoyo I have ever played with and ever seen. Im just curios about the shutter

I would grab a Shutter.

thanks! but im looking for a why? hahaha

and have you tried the luis genesis to compare?

Shutters are a lot cheaper for one. I mean, its not as if the quality will be any different. I would look at it by thinking of the Shutter and Genesis as two comparable yo-yos, both the same quality. They each play differently, but with the Shutter you save around $40. Neither is really better than the other, they’re just different. But the reason I would choose the Shutter is the cost. $40 is a substantial amount, and the Genesis is nothing that special, whereas Ive heard the Shutter called the “best budget yoyo I’ve ever used”.

Wrong Genesis… He’s talking about the $120 New Genesis, which I hear plays absolutely AMAZING. I really want one lol. Trying to decide if I should save for a New Genesis, P.wave, or something else…

But if my Champion’s Collection stacked Genesis is any indicator, the Genesis will probably play better. I would personally still buy the Shutter for variety and because it’s Gentry’s sig.

Personally I would get something with more variety. Yeah there is a lot of hype with the shutter and from what I hear, the yoyo itself ‘walks the talk’. But the reason I haven’t got it is because I feel the play would be similar to some other of my budget metal yoyos. (personally I don’t like curved v-shaped yoyos)

Of course I don’t really know if that is correct or not since I have not played the Shutter yet, but I find more joy from buying extremely unique yoyos! All yoyos will play really well so why not bring more happiness with more variety!

However my argument could go the other way if you don’t have many yoyos. Sure, go ahead and buy it. From the amount of positive comments about Shutter (I’m sure they too have compared it with their premium metal yoyos), there won’t be a hint of dissappointment Apparently ;D

You could maybe check out the 86400 as well which I think you would enjoy

Ill probably just stick with my Luis Genesis. Its way too good to pass up on.

Unless someone persuades me enough to get a shutter.

you can never have too many yoyofactory’s

Correction: you can never have too many yoyos in general, regardless of brand! ;D

I have a Shutter, and it is DEFINITELY the best of my three yoyos I have in that price range. Compared to my DV888 and my GFunk, it blows those yoyos out. It plays so amazingly for a non-expensive throw, so I’d say it’s worth it. And if you like horizontal play, the Shutter specializes with that.

And, as someone else mentioned earlier, the blasted Shutters are out now. So that’s an even better investment in my opinion. There’s even a new edition of the Shutter called the ‘John Lee’ Edition. There are lots of colorways for it.

hahaha its Jason Lee, but no biggie, simple mistake.

Speaking of the Jason Lee Shutters, I saw them and Couldnt resist. Looks like Im getting a shutter :wink: :smiley:

I have a friend who’s a professional photographer and enjoys the yoyo shots I put on Flickr. I should surprise him with a Jason Lee Shutter gift!