Something I Simply Don't Understand -yyf Luis Enrique Genesis's are NOT sold out

There’s something here on yoyoexpert that I do not simply Understand…

How is it that the Yoyofactory Luis Enrique Genesis’s are NOT sold out!?!?!?!?

Like has anyone seen these new yoyos from YYF?? I recently picked up a Luid Genesis back in early September and I cannot put it down. I have played with all types of yoyos and I must say that this yoyo is the best one I have ever played with. I am able to make tricks and perform lengthy combos beyond anything I could ever imagine. And it spins forever.

I think this yoyo secretly has a mind of its own. When Im aiming for a string its like the Genesis is like “Yeah, I see that string youre aiming for. I gotchu. I was going for that string even before you thought you were going for that string. Man I know what string your going to try to pop to next and the next after that and Im easily gonna land on it because Im that good.”

And according to yoyofactory, each type of Luis Genesis (There are three) only had about 30 copies made. And there are 20 left in stock of the type 3 blue 70705 version on YYE.

I dont understand how this yoyo isnt flying off the shelves. Its so good! GO BUY ONE!

Because you can’t find them? Where do you find them organically? I don’t see them in the shop menu, and they’re not reached from the standard Genesis page.

Not to sound negative:

I’ve tried many versions of the Genesis, and all of them left me feeling “meh”. I’m not even going to suggest they are bad yoyos, because I don’t feel that would be a fair assessment. They just aren’t a good fit for me based on my preferences.

Unfortunately, YYF has quite a few other models that don’t agree with me either. However, they have a lot that DO work well for me and I’ve purchased those.

Back to the topic at hand:
The Genesis is a popular model and I know it sells good. Maybe people aren’t looking hard enough? Maybe, because we’re getting close to Black Friday and CyberMonday, people are now holding onto their dollars for “better values” at YYE? I mean, I know I am, but my eyes are on other items.

Shutter. People would much rather pay $45 for a Shutter and have money for strings and bearings ect

True, true… if you’re not a chronic buyer (which I am), the cost of strings, response, etc. over the lifetime of the yoyo will be a much much higher cost than the extra $40 spent on upgrading a yoyo, though. Still, cash in-hand is different from a future that hasn’t happened yet. “Today, I have $85, and that has to get me everything” is a whole other scenario.

I do think it’s worth having in mind, though. As you buy strings, response, bearings, lube… remember for your next yoyo purchase that you should probably just get whatever you want (within reason) and it’ll be a virtual wash within a few years. :wink:

The main reason I haven’t bought one is because I already own 2 7075 “Doomsday Genesis” (thanks YoYoGeezer!), so I don’t really need a third. That being said they are easily one of the best performing throws I have ever thrown, and are by far my personal favourite.

That being said, I’m not mad about the colourway on the 7075 Luis Genesis, and feel that one again YYF’s colourways have let them down. If they made a “Galaxy” 7075 Genesis, Id buy 3 there and then to use as my competition set. Now THERE’S a colourway…

I agree with studio42 that maybe people are just waiting for the sales coming up, but that is just my guess. Another reason may be that there is a LOT of options out right now. People have been raging like crazy over the shutter, which I have yet to try :’( lol, but anyways some people are waiting for the new AC or other coming yoyos. I’m just throwing out options here…

When was the Genesis first released? Maybe 2 years ago? There must be hundreds sold already. Anyone that’s wanted one likely has one. Or the BST board is a good place to look.
I own one and love it. It’s not 7075 however. I’m just not willing to plop down $100+ to have a duplicate throw in my case.

So the implied question I had was: where do you FIND these on the YYE store? I know someone can probably dig up a link or something, but I mean for someone browsing through the store, how does one happen upon them?

gregp, from the pull down menu of shop, click on yyf then if you scroll down the page its under new genesis, for some reason it is not in the list from the pull down though. hope this helps

It’s quite a ways down on the new release page as well.

Yeah You have to click on YYF and find it. Its under the Champions collection I believe.

Think of it as a hidden YYF jem hahaah

More like four years ago. '09 Severe and Genesis releases were pretty close together from what I remember.

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This is right where I’m at. I have a Genesis. It plays great, it’s smooth, it’s everything I could ask for in a yoyo. It’s still on my BST right now anyway. The 7075 ones looked great, these Luis Enrique ones look great. There are just a lot of other things I’d rather spend my money on than what in my mind is not likely to blow me away any more than the original Genesis did. I don’t mind owning duplicates of some throws but I’m in no hurry to add another Genesis to my collection/stable right now.

If I was in the market for my first Genesis ever there’s a decent chance I’d be all over one of these Luis Enrique ones but I suspect a ton of people are in the same “been there done that” boat and I think for the most part people are less likely to purchase multiples of a specific YYF model (yes, I understand it is actually a slightly different yoyo) than they are a specific CLYW, OD or some other brand with more collector appeal.

Regarding finding it: if it’s not in the drop-down, it’s practically a dead product for online sales. Clicking YYF and eventually finding it is the only thing that saves it from being completely buried. A new customer who has heard of the Genesis (it’s a legendary throw!) isn’t going to be hitting New Releases, and once it’s not a New Release anymore, neither will I!

I think it could go right on the Genesis page, even as a note: “Be sure to check out…etc…” with a link to the other product page.

In the pull-down, “Genesis: Luis Enrique Editions” so that it’s right under the main “Genesis” listing.

Even yoyofactory themselves said that the Luis Genesis’s are so good people should commit crimes to try to get one. They only problem was that it lacked publicity.

So im trying to publicize it and make everyone buy it because its easily worth it!

I have to pick up a luis edition my i love my 2012 edition but its beat to heck