New Genesis

I would like to know if the New Genesis is as good as it seems. I like full-sized, wide, and heavy yoyos. Not heavy like H5xChief or Surge heavy (although my Surge is really good, just don’t want another one). I think the best one for me would be the Pink or Purple/Pink Splash color schemes. What do you think?

Also, I would like to know if it is worth the money. Would somebody that has one please post a review so I can see how they like it and why so maybe I can learn a bit more about it?

BTW, is this in the right forum? If not, please move it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what you mean by ‘New Genesis’, but I can assure you every single Genesis out there plays great.

I have a 2nd run and a Champions Ed and both are superb. Especially the Champions Ed. But then again I did pick it up for $30 ;D

You can’t really go wrong with them, IMO.

^ The Luis Genesises (Genesi?) are amazing. Really like the 7075 one.

I completely agree with LinksLegionaire on this one. I own one of the recently released Genesis (Pink) and one of the original in Pink as well. They both play great and I would not hesitate at all in grabbing one. I also would say that the “Doomsday” edition of the Genesis is absolutely awesome as well if you can find one.

You can not go wrong with the Genesis.

Yes, this is the type I mean.

The “new genesis” isn’t out yet. I’ve read nice things about the “Luis genesis”.

Yes, it is. Go search for it on the search page on this site. :smiley:

But dude, you already have a 2012 series Genesis…

I would definitely spend $100 on something that isn’t sooo similiar to something I already have.

I don’t think that’s it. I’ll check with yoyofactory on

The “Luis” Genesis is different than the 2012 Genesis.  The Gap and catch zone have been updated for this “new” Genesis:



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Also, material change, depending on the model you choose.
The 2012 Genesis were all 6061.
Doomsday Genesis were 7075, but also different due to hub design.

I’ve heard the 7075 Luis Genesis is currently the “best” by anyone that has tried variations of different Genesis.

I would love to grab one but I just can’t afford new yoyo’s like the good ol’ days.