Is the YYF Genesis 2014 any good?


I need some peeps to set this straight for me before I purchase one: Is the YYF Genesis 2014 an exceptional yoyo? Also, is it a great improvement over earlier models? I need the talk before I fork.


I think each Genesis is exceptional, including 2014. I think 2014 is an exceptional spin on an already exceptional yoyo. I would probably put Doomsday 7075 at #1 for the Genesis. But 2014 just might get the #2 spot. It’s hard for me, because I love them all, and I’m also crazy about that small bearing version too. The bar is already pretty high for me when it comes to comparing one Genesis to another. I recommend you get the 2014 for your collection. If it’s a Genesis, it’s always worth forking over the loot. It appears it might be more limited than the others too, but I’m not sure if we can expect more besides Pulsar/USA. My 2014 is a little more comfortable than the other versions, and wicked smooth too.


Thanks a lot for your thoughts. It’s a shame that the doomsday is impossible to come by brand new these days. What is your opinion on the black with hubstacks version? Also, what do you manufacture out of Interest?


The 2014 Genesis is incredible. I think that the SS weight ring is actually kind of a gimmick… it’s too small to be truly important and they could’ve achieved the same weight distribution with pure aluminum in my opinion…


That SS ring still LOOKS great, and it doesn’t matter if it’s truly necessary or not because the end result is that the 2014 Genesis is simply an amazing player. Love that yoyo. Not too many left out in the wild, so if you have a line on one, you should grab it!

I’ll probably be buying another one when the regular production run comes out.


Is there going to be a regular production run on It?


So they say. According to their, there are issues with manufacturing consistency. The ones released pass muster (so, no fear buying them!) but there are too many rejects. Before a large production run they need to revise the manufacturing process to reduce the number of rejects.


So It looks like they might revise the specs a bit before the full run If they are running into problems?


The manufacture is yo-yo holders, not throws. I appreciate you asking. :slight_smile: I’m glad you asked about the hubstacks version. It’s exactly what I mean about the Genesis, no matter what you do to it, you can’t go wrong. The stacked Genesis is great too. It just has a feeling that the other ones don’t have, because you can feel the stacks spinning, so the feel is totally different. It feels more powerful. And, if you like to hold the stacks, all the better. There is really no Genesis I haven’t liked. I have the hubstacked, small bearing '09, 2011?, 2012, 2014, Doomsday 7075. I’ve lost track of them all really, but I have a bunch now. I swear, there was a Doomsday on Ebay yesterday, or the day before. It’s gone now though, not sure if it sold or the listing was removed.

I posted this little game to Instagram a week or two ago. I have the USA version and Kojo Boison Edition since these photos were taken. But, it does show you some evolution of the minor shape changes:

Left to right, top to bottom is hubstacked, 2012, Doomsday, 2011 (I guess it’s called), 2014 Pulsar and '09 Small Bearing.


Thanks for the side by side totalartist :)!

Do u know what each version weighs or can you weigh them? I would be interested because i heard they are as low as 65 grams and as high as over 70 grams w hubstacks, i think the orange luis enrique genesis was like 69.5 grams and that wasnt 7075 or hubstackedor anything.

Does anyone else remember that there was a 7075 version of the Luis Enrique Genesis? I wonder how that compares to the Doomsday Genesis, i think the diff is the luis enrique one has 2mm wider gap, wonder if anyone has both those are the only 7075 genesises right?


You don’t have an Undeniable Genesis? I would really like that SB.


You know which Genesis was REALLY good? The first one, with the wide recess.
All this 19mm stuff is a joke.


I will have them weighed for you on a calibrated scale in my next post (bearing no string). I have no idea about the Luis Enrique Genesis. But, I’m looking for a mint version of that one too. I’d love to collect them all. Also, if anyone has a complete list and chronology of every Genesis model, that would be cool to have. I’m looking for a lot of the older ones. There was a “Throwback” Genesis too.


The throwback was just a special edition Genesis+.


I really dislike the silver rings on the new Genesis, but maybe it’s just because I’m a purist and prefer the old Genesis. My favorite was the undeniable version.

I suppose it isn’t surprising, though. Companies are moving away from H shapes like the Genesis, so those silver rings make it more of a V/H hybrid which are currently trending.

(Steve Brown) #15

2014 Genesis is my favorite so far.


Okay, I weighed them on a calibrated 100g scale, bearing with no string. I double checked them too.

2009 Small Bearing = 68.22g
Kojo Boison Edition (Not sure which year this was released) = 68.07g
YoyoExpert Edition (I bought it in early 2012 but it’s not a 2012, 2011 I guess) = 68.83g
2012 Edition, black with gold splash = 68.82g
Hubstacked Genesis = 68.26g
Doomsday 7075 = 67.82g
2014 Pulsar = 67.89g
2014 U.S.A. = 67.57g (I guess engraving/anodizing makes that insignificant difference)


I love my 2014 Genesis. Whatever Genesis you choose; they all have that Genesis feel. It has to be one of the best all-around designs ever. It is an especially good choice if you play 1A and 5A.

I like the 7075 version just a bit better than the 2014 only because it seems a little faster; the difference, however, is negligible. They need to make them in quantity though. Hopefully a more consistent manufacturing process will bring the price down too.

If you get a chance to buy a 2014 version; I would recommend doing so.


Exactly! I could not have said it better myself!


Is the 65g version any good?


Alright… I bit the bullet and bought a 2014 pulsar edition genesis. I feel a sharp pain coming from wallet and I hope I will like it. Thanks everyone for you Input to help me decide!