YYF Genesis Review


So hey guys im gonna do another review. Had the time so im gonna do one…On the Genesis.

Diameter: 56 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 43 mm / 1.69 inches
Gap Width: 4.65 mm / 0.18 inches
Response System: Central Bearing Co - CBC Slim Pad
Weight: 68.7 grams
Bearing Size: [Large] - Size C (SPEC Bearing)
(.250 x .500 x .187)

First Impressions

This yoyo was my first “high end” throw. I had been throwing an dv888, but i had gotten where it wasn’t stable enough for me. So I went and bought a blue/bronze acid wash 2012 Genesis. I was SO excited to get this. I mean, for $85, this yoyo had to be good. So when it arrived in the mail that day, i ripped open the package to see the yoyo in my favorite box. (I love the YYF boxes). Immediately, i took the yoyo out of the box and put the green string on it. I threw it, and felt a VERY satisfying “klunk” at the end of the string. I loved the weight of this yoyo. 10/10

Response and Bearing

The Genesis comes stock with a dry size C SPEC bearing, which is an ok bearing. I prefer 10-balls over the SPECS, but it is a solid bearing. The 2012 Genesis comes with and extra SPEC which is REALLY nice. It comes with CBC “Slim” pads and also comes with an extra pair. That means one in the yoyo and one extra. This response is good and gives nice, tight binds. Right now i have flowable silicone in it. 9/10

Feel in the Hand

In the hand the Genesis is quite comfortable. It has a sloped rim, and then a vertical drop for 2-4 mm, then it is rounded down to the response and bearing. Your middle finger fits nicely into the middle part, and your index and fourth finger rest on the rims. Sometimes if you catch the Genesis at an awkward angle, it will hurt though. 7.5/10


The Genesis is an amazing yoyo. This throw is SUPER, and I mean SUPER stable. It has a TON of rim weight and seems like it will spin forever due to its huge amount of momentum. The Genesis having a lot of rim weight makes it very solid player; it is not very floaty at all. I see the Genesis of a slower, smoother player, but i have heard it can be a fast player too. I have a more of a slow and smooth play style, and the Genesis is quite good at this. I dont play fast much at all, but i do think the genesis would be a good yoyo for decently fast play. It is also very good at “techy” tricks and good at horizontal. It has a decent finish and is ok at grinding. 9/10

Final Thoughts

The Genesis is an outstanding yoyo. It can play anyway you want it to, and can complete any trick you throw at it. It is stable, quite smooth, and very solid. Miguel Correa and Yoyofactory did a great job on the Genesis.


Great review again! My brother was considering the Genesis and the Supernova, he eventually bought the supernova. If the finish is anything like the one on the supernova, I would think the grinding is pretty bad. Maybe I just have sweaty hands.


Yes the finish is similar and grinds are pretty bad. I like the supernova better than the genesis though.

Lol your hands aren’t sweaty I’ve tried grinding with a glove on and it still is bad.


I am hoping to buy one in the future. Nice detail in your review(as well as grammar):slight_smile:


You wont be disappointed. :wink: Thanks :slight_smile:


For the longest time, i thought that the YYF Genesis was the highest quality metal yoyo they have made (play compared to price). I still think it’s one of their best, but YYF is putting some more great stuff out there. If you like the genesis, try the Super G.


great review! i love my genesis i just wish it was maybe more around the 65-67 weight class little to slow


I would try the super g but I don’t have the $$$. They are making them out of 7075 aluminum now so they are much much more expensive. If I’m going to pay $120, I’d rather spend it on a OD or a CLYW.


Yes I agree it’s just a LITTLE too heavy. It feels too solid.


It really is too heavy, at least the newer ones. It was the most deceiving yoyo I ever played.
The smooth finish is bad for grinds. I can understand this being a 5a yoyo, but I did not enjoy it for 1a. Had no character or soul compared to other yoyos
With string and bearing, the one I tried (2012 model) clocked in at 69 something grams. :-X


I agree. :slight_smile: