YoyoFactory Genesis Review

So about a week ago I replaced my black with gold splash Genesis with a purple/blue acid wash Genesis because the black/gold one was stripped. And these are my thoughts on its play, speed, stability, smoothness, feel,looks and spin time and specs:

Looks: Wow this thing looks amazing with purple/blue acid wash!!! While it’s spinning it’s this cobalt blue color but a little more purplish in the sun it literally glows!!! I also love the really love the distinct H-shape! I would give it a 10/10

Feel: The Genesis’s H-shape makes it feel somewhat “perfect in the hand”. It also has a super smoooooooooth feeling in the hand. I would give it a 10/10

Stability: If I had a dime every time it tilted, I would be broke! lol…After around 45 secs of string tricks it has not tilted at all!!! This yoyo is so fun to use! I would give it a 10/10

Speed: You can make it go as fast or slow as you want it to! Well maybe not super fast but as fast as any yoyoer would want it to be. I would give it 9.5/10

Play: The large gap and width on the Genesis makes it very easy to catch. As I said before you can pretty much make it go as fast or slow as you want it to go. It can handle any trick you throw at it with ease. It truly makes you feel like a pro even if you aren’t:)

Spin time: The Genesis was not made to be a yoyo that would break the sleep time record but simply as a solid player that could spin extremely long compared to other yoyos in it’s class. Last night i got it to spin for 4min 46 secs and that wasn’t even on a good throw! For being a yoyo to actually use to do tricks as to just for being a record sleep time holder I would give it a 10/10

Smoothness: This yoyo is very smooth. It has no vibe. I would give a 9.5/10

Overall: Overall this yoyo is well worth the $$$. It looks great, feels great, is super stable, spins very long, is super smooth, can go as fast as you want it to and feels great in the hand.

Yoyo Name: Genesis
Manufacturer: Yoyofactory
Shape: H-shape
Weight: 67.40 g
Gap Width: 5.10 mm
Size: Full
Bearing Size: C Size
Response System: Yoyofactory Silicone Pad

Great review! I would suggest for the future to include more pictures and also talk about how the response and bearing were. Also you could just make one category like PLAY and then include it’s stability, feel, etc… Under that one category.

I said this before in another review, but…ratings are very inaccurate.