Genesis review

Im just doing a short review on my genesis i just got for christmas. Enjoy!

Overall rating: 9/10

First Impressions: Right out of the box, this yoyo is dead smooth! There is a little vibe. but only on a really strong throw. The shape is magnificent! Its perfect for horizontal play, i just suck at it. But anyways, even though the yoyo comes is only black, it still looks really nice and sleek. The white hubstacks give it nice attractive look. the engraving is GORGEOUS. When spinning, the yoyo has a white ring around the hubstack from the engraving. My first move was a pull start, and man are the hubstacks fun! i had a grindmachine but just could never get it to sleep as long from a pullstart. The gap is pretty big, so can be a little tricky to land plactic whip sometimes. Slack tricks are a problem sometimes, just like iron whip and jade whip. Gyros are good. Grinds are the best!!! Finger grinds are soooo good! I dont have much to compare it to, but fingergrind are good. They tilt sometimes but other than that theyre great! i Have no complaints about this yoyo so far execpt sometimes it spins out. It can be loud sometimes, but even with the hubstacks its quiter than my pgm. I recommend this yoyo to anyone past iron whip. Its great! Just plain fun! its fullysized, but gives off a sort of undersized look i dont know why. i love how heavy it is. it really stays down good. Thumb grinds are great. arm grinds are too but i dont really do armgrinds. To sum up, this yoyo is great and is perfect in most ways except how it only comes in black and how it can be loud, other than that, flawless! Please read my review and this is my first so sorry if it sucks. Thanks for reading!

This was a pretty good first effort in reviewing (mine is no better lol). If I were you, I would wait for at least 3 days, and ideally a week before writing a review. I liked how you talked about how it handled tricks, but how does it hop? Can it do regen tricks? These are just suggestions. Good job all around!

Thanks a lot! And I actually opened it before Christmas. I just couldn’t wait to open it. I think I opened it Friday. But thanks a lot for the support!


This is the champions edition genesis, right?

Yes. The new one.