YYF Genesis

I love making Reviews on my Yoyofactory Yoyos, so here is a Review on the YYF Genesis! ;D

Ok, I was UBER Excited about getting this Yoyo. I heard that it was Really Stable, and had AMAZING Sleep time. I ordered the Aqua Splatter Edition! I saw it, and it looked Amazing! This was my first Aqua Yoyo, but it wasn’t an all Aqua yoyo, (I wish it was. XD) It was actually Aqua with White Dots all over it, which made it look really cool! So, I take it out of the YYF Box, and it is kind of big. Your Middle Finger fits down the Middle of it really well! I put the String on, and Im Ready to go!

First Throws:
First Throw, I just did a down and bind return straight up. Then I tried some Tricks with it! This thing Sleeps FOREVER!!! Its Really Smooth too! Not as Smooth as the Dv888, but Still Extremely Smooth and Stable. Yoyoexpert was Right! When you go to the Genesis on Yoyoexpert, it says that it is a “Beast” and “You Won’t want to put this thing down!”. Well, I thought they were exaggerating so they could sell more, but they actually weren’t! I did NOT Want to Put This Down!!!

Arm Grinds Are AMAZING With This Yoyo! Arm Grinds Feel Awesome! Also, Palm Grinds Are Pretty good too! Thumb Grinds however, fell a bit uncomfortable. idk. The Thumb Grinds just kind of feel a little Scratchy. There not bad though, I mean, You can Thumb Grind on this thing for a Good Amount of time. Maybe like around 5-7 Seconds depending how good you are. Arm Grinds are like 5-7 Seconds also. So like, I would give Grinding on this thing like 8/10.

What it has been used to Win (Optional to Read):
It is Miguel Correa’s Signature Yoyo, So he has Obviously Used it a lot. In Nationals, and just regular contests like the California State Yoyo Contest. Also, Yuuki Spencer used it to Win The 2009 Yoyo Nationals. And Juan Renteria also used the Genesis in the California State Yoyo Contest. Daigo Komiya used the Genesis in the CCYC. That is all i know about who used the Genesis in Competitions.

Looks, Size, and Shape:
It looks Awesome! The Shape is Awesome! I love the Shape and the Size! Just one problem, The yoyo sometimes feels uncomfortable when you catch it. But, I think the Aqua looks really cool! When It’s Spinning, you can’t even tell that there is any white on it. When you play with the Aqua Splatter Genesis Outside with Yellow String, It looks Amazing!

Well, Like I said before, Sometimes it is Uncomfortable to Catch. Also, I think the binds are a little too tight. I did get the Large bearing, but the binds are still a little to tight. But other than that, Its Amazing!

Sleep Time, Smoothness, and How Stable it is:
Sleep time is just about 2-3 minutes. So, That’s pretty good. It is Extremely Stable too! Probably my most Stable Yoyo Besides the YYF Severe. It is Very Smooth too! My Smoothest yoyo besides the YYF Dv888. I have also played with the YYF Lunatic, and the Lunatic is smoother than the Genesis, but the Dv888 is smoother than the Lunatic.

The YYF Genesis is Amazing! I love it… A lot! lol. Here is a tip though… I play the Genesis Stock, DO NOT Put a Center Track Bearing in it! I have tried it, and it kind of sucks. But It ROCKS With just a Stock Bearing. So, I would get this yoyo if you are looking for an Over-Sized, Smooth, Stable, Long Sleeping Yoyofactory yoyo. I hope You liked my Review! Thanks for Reading!
P.S. My Camera is broken right now, so please don’t blame me for not having Pictures.

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that genesis is awesome!!! i never knew it could sleep that long and do all of that stuff!!!
8/10 for grinding that is awesome!!!
i really want to get the genesis right now

                    thank you!!!!!
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good review.
about the bearing, is it really you don’t like CT in it?
because i have 2 genesis, one with KK ad one with CT, i think the stability is better.
i guess its preference then.

which version/run genesis that you review?
because i have try all 3 version of genesis and they all feel a little bit different in terms of weight.
the V1 feels not too heavy, V2 is heavier than V1, and the V3 is the lightest, and fastest of them all.
this is just the feels that i, and my friends felt when throwing different version of the genesis.
maybe YYF tweak it a little.

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ohhhh, man this just makes me more excited to get my genesis, it comes in tomorrow or saturday and I can’t wait!

I am glad I read this review. I ordered this yoyo then I started reading more and more about it, and I wasn’t sure I made the best decision. However, after reading this review I am siked! Should be coming in tomorrow can’t wait!

yay ultra necro thats 2 years old lol

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I like your review if only your camara wasn’t broken/not functioning 9/10 nice job


Necro 2 months after someone else necro’d a two year old post?


I have a purple/blue acid wash newest run of the Genesis and last night I got to sleep for 4min 45 secs and that wasn’t even my hardest throw!