yoyofactory genesis review

Yoyofactory Genesis Undeniable Edition~

Company- Yoyofactory.

First impressions ~ So I open the box, pull out the yoyo and am amazed. The first thing I notice is the awesome color way, a green and yellow acid wash. It is smooth to the touch and has a really nice shape. The yoyo also comes with the undeniable dvd, made by yoyofactory celebrating their best players.

First throw ~ Wow,this thing is stable. The colors meld togethor perfectly, and the bearing is pretty quiet. AWESOME.

Playability ~ This yoyo is awesome. It can handle all tricks, and many layers of string in its giant gap. The grinds are great and, and it usually has enough spin to get a solid bind in. The yoyo comes stock with a large SPEC bearing and slim k pads. The yoyo plays prettty wide and can land tricks easily. It kinda reminds me of a protostar, in play and shape. The yoyo is really stable and rarely tilts at all during long tricks and combos. The yoyo doesnt feel that heavy on the string, but then again it is in the mid range weight. I can get this yoyo to spin around 2 minutes and 30 seconds, but some people may be able to do better. I absoulutely love the yoyos performance and use it ALOT for hard to land, and long tricks, however when I first got the yoyo it was kinda snaggy as the k pads where kinda sticking out too far. This problem was solved by replacing the k pads with silicone.

Feel in hands ~ The yoyo has an H shape that many yoyofactorys have. it is more of a stepped down profile like the G5 but is wider. It feels great in your hands and your fingers reach all the way around the yoyo.

Looks ~ The undeniable edition Genesis looks great. It is a green and yellow acid wash. on one side of the yoyo, on the rim is the undeniable logo etched into it. The undeniable edition also has completely re-done laser artwork. The looks are just amazing and is one of the best looking yoyos in my opinion.

Pros and cons ~ Pros- The yoyo is very stable, has great looks, a nice mid range weight, great for all kinds of grinds, comes with the undeniable dvd by yoyofactory, long spin times, wide gap, and a great feel in hands.
Cons - The yoyos K pads are pretty snaggy when it comes and i had to replace it with silicone, a larger yoyo that is hard to land very complicated tricks, and not the fastest player.

Overall ~ Over all… i love this yoyo. It is one of my best throws and one of the ones I resort to when i am stuck on a trick. It has a great feel in the hands and an awesome color way. It has great spin times and can have many layers of string in the gap. In all i think this yoyo is beastly and everyone should get one.

Stats-Diameter: 56 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 43mm / 1.69 inches
Response System: YoYoFactory K-Pad (Slim Pad)
Weight: 65.7 grams
Bearing Size: [Large] - Size C (SPEC Bearing)
[Small] - Size A (SPEC Bearing)

This was my first review, and i hope everyone like it. ;D

In the comparing pictures from left to right the yoyos are : 2010 G5, Protostar, Genesis, and 888x

nice, i was thinking about getting a genesis and I think that has just showed me that I should. Good review!

thanks. i would definetly recomend getting it it is awesome.


Why do you hate me?

I would have to agree with your review. I love this yoyo and have the same one.

Mista8Eight8 I bought the second to last one, so you can hate me too.

feedback is appreciated ^

Nice review. Glad you’re enjoying your Genesis!

i really want one

thanks miggy. im really thankfull you designed this yoyo. it is awesome. thanks again. heres hoping you will design another yoyo soon! thanks

genesis looks awesome.

Nice review, but I just want to say, I don’t really like my genesis… I still prefer a bassalope or M1 over it.

IMO, the thing I don’t like, is it sits a bit like a rock. Imagine swing a rock on a string, that’s what it feels like to me. It’s a little sluggish, and the weight kind of stays there.

thanks. it is kinda slow and everything. but i really like it. its all about preference

wow nice review!!! and that is your first review nice one!!! i like it!!!

thanks alot.