Yoyofactory Genesis Review

Hi everyone this is a yoyofactory Genesis review,by Miguel Correa and this will be my first review

Diameter: 56 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 43mm / 1.69 inches
Weight: 65.7 grams
Bearing Size: [Large] - Size C (SPEC Bearing)
(.250 x .500 x .187)

First though:
When this yo-yo first came through the mail box,
I was very excited.I ran in my room tore up the box,
and saw my soild blue genesis(along with my little brother’s)

This yoyo looks amazing. It looks very similar to the Yuuksta(Yuuki Spencer’s signature yoyo)
but the only different i see is the size(besides the coloring). Now the only strange this is
Why was my box different from my brothers box? His Genesis came with a,“YYF Premium”
Box and i got the new bow which was the newest logo for yyf. But still,the
Genesis looks amazing

First throw(1a):
Okay i have to say,that this thing is amazing. The shape fits perfectly in my hand,
and i love it.Its very stable for some of my tricks,nice spin time(don’t ask for time),
and very smooth(IMO). But i had to change it to my KK and it made it better.

I’ll list some of the most common grinds:
Finger grind: Very smooth and nice feel as it grinds.
Arm grind:Same as finger
So those the three most common grinds i know.
So grind are pretty goo

First Throw(5a):
As i have heard from others, The Genesis is built to be a 5a yo-yo
for Miggy.And they weren’t lying. This thing is amazing for a 5a yoyo.
It(again) fits perfectly in my hand when i throw a breakaway,and
and handle a whole lot of pinwheels.
As i said before,nice spin time,pretty good grinds and nice shape

The only mod i needed to do silicone the response system

9.5/10 for this yoyo :smiley:

NOTE The Pictures will be uploaded later

For the box, my guess would be that YYE got the new shipment of Genesii (Plural?) and they still had some of the old, so they happened to ship out a new and an old to you guys.

Good Review, nicely written, and clear.

For your next one, a bit more on how it feels would be nice… like is it vibey? Does it play fast? But otherwise, Great!

Okay Thank you so much ^^