ok so im going to get a new yoyo soon and i was wondering what yoyo you guys would choose out of these 2 yoyos. ive heard good thing about the genesis but the shape on the 44 looks nice. actually they both have nice shapes. i dont care. i prefer the one thats smoother. is the genesis quiet? please comment! help out a yoyoer!

Totally different yoyos. They’re both smooth and they can both be quiet if you can maintain a bearing. Do you prefer bigger yoyos or smaller yoyos?

Bigger = Genesis
Smaller = 44

you decide!

Genesis - Very stable, big, H shape

44 - sorta stable, floaty, small, round butterfly.

They are both very nice yoyo but I would go with 44 since I luv small yoyos, but you should go with genesis because it is really stabe.

thanks you guys! please continue the comments! now im leaning towards the genesis but please keep the comments going! make sure you check out the poll! :wink: thanks you guys!

44=less heavy but not heavy

I would go with the 44 because I dont like huge and heavy yoyos.

looks like genesis is in the lead right now. lets keep the comments and votes coming!

get the genesis

yes i was liking the shape of the 44 also :slight_smile:

lol i know right?

similar to the hatrick, supposedly the best yoyo for my preferences ;D

lol sorry buddy but it looks like the genesis is winning. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually own both of these yoyos!

Better yet they are both my main throws!

The 44 can go FAST. It’s light and zips around like nobodys business. It’s small and has a comfy shape that is just so classic. I love it a lot and I’m really happy with it.

That being said… Genesis is a BEAST. It can play fast or whatever you want it to. I’ve heard people who don’t like H shape liking the Genesis so if the H shape is a problem for you just give it a try. It spins really long and they are a major yoyo being used in competitions. Yuuki, Miguel, Sterling… The list goes on. Although Jensen once told me he refuses to use it because it makes things just to easy.

Both are great throws and I’m sure you will like either one that you pick! If not just trade it for something you will like.

44 vs. hatrick ???

I have used my friend’s 44 a ton and I own a Genesis. I must say that the Genesis has better playability including stability and combos. The 44 is a great yoyo to just yoyo and practice, but when you really need an excellent competition yoyo, the Genesis. :wink:

anyone wanna comment? i need more comments please!! :-\

The 44 does fit a lot of peoples preferences with it’s shape…

I like Genesis.

That’s all I can say here without repeating what already has been said.