YYF Doomsday Genesis

I just received my YoyoFactory DOOMSDAY GENESIS, from YYE today. I was not expecting too much new since I already own a Genesis. I was completely and pleasantly surprised. That DOOMSDAY is one fabulous throw. It still has the feel of the Genesis, but is both faster but not overly heavy or clunky. Whatever they did to tweak the weight was just right; and all with the increased spin-momentum of 7075. It is everything I love about the Genesis, but with a bit more gusto.

If you are looking for a good YYF for the Holidays - the DOOMSDAY Genesis is one worth considering. Well, it is worth considering if you think that the world will be around after the Mayan calendar ends and YYF releases the regular run on Dec 21. I like the 44 Clash Ed; which is out now. I got mine while I still can :slight_smile:


^ I second that. I got mine today too. Great yo-yo!

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