So many genesises, so little time!


So I have heard many good things about the yoyofactory genesis, and am wondering what are the differences in the three of them( regular, genesis plus with stacks, and doomsday 7075 genesis.) other than the obvious differences such as hub stacks, are there many differences in feel, weight, or stuff like that? I am not on a budget, and am looking to buy one. Tell me what you think.


Regular -68.7g
Doomsday - 67.9g
Champions - 68.8g

The regular and the stacked have pretty much the same stats/shape/weight whereas the Doomsday is slightly lighter, slightly thinner and has a slight different shape. From trying both I’ve found the Doomsday to outperform the stacked Champions edition as far as stability and spin is concerned, and it also comes stock with a spec X (centre track 10 ball) bearing which plays very well. The 7075 is shinier and doesn’t have the axle hole. My brother owns the Champions edition and personally he finds it a tad too heavy…

Personally I’ve found the 7075 Doomsday to be one of the best yoyos I’ve ever played, but they’re sold out of most places so you might have a hard time getting your hands on one.