new yyf

hey they released the new serve today and there going to release the stacked genesis soon whos excited

where can i get the 2010 severe?

Please dont post other yoyo sites here. It’s rude to yoyoexpert. Considering we now have them.

When will the stacked genesis be released ???

on they said soon but no pacific date

i wonder what the hubstacked genesis would look like?

like a g5 with normal hubstacks i guess
They have a picture, just go down a little bit.


stacked genesis look cool.
i wonder if they do anything to the weight, cause normal genesis + stack will be pretty heavy.

I am for sure getting a stacked Genesis. Those look so purdy! ;D

oh yeah i read that yesterday

What colors are there for the stacked genesis cause I don’t want a pink and black cause also i don’t want a gold and blue stacked genesis

They are basically a heavier version of the GM2. I like the Genesis without hubstacks, because I really don’t like hubstacks for competition play, or they just get in the way. :-\

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Wonder if it will play like a Grind Machine 2?

I’ve tried it and it does play like a GM2, but not as much as it plays like a unstacked Genesis.
Much smoother, more stable, and sharper cuts to the metal than a GM2 though! Very nice hunstacked yoyo!

is this real?

i relly dont believe they would have those

Why wouldn’t it be real? And please don’t post links to other stores like this. I’m sure YYE will be getting them soon enough.

Only 50 pieces worldwide…

lol yea its real why wouldnt it be? i go to that store every week for yoyo club and have tried the stacked genesis, its a great yoyo, it feels lighter than 70g