differences on the genesis and hubstacked genesis

I was just wondering what are the differences with these two.
Does the hubstacked version have the hub walls sticking out like the 888x or is it like the regular genesis with short walls?

The hubstacked version has hubstack posts. Plain and simple.

Needs more GM2

One of them has hubstacks. . .

You know, I’m yet to be sold on the whole hubstacked thing. Seems more like a gimmick than an technological advancement to me. Talk to me about what innovations in play they introduce.

there just really fun, but do get boring kinda quick.
Its also a really cool way to impress friends!

You are just kinda confirming what I thought, a fun accessory to tinker about with, but not an advancement that can take you to the next level.

It adds some Wieght…

Looks cool.

As for the differences, yes, when you remove the hubstacks there is a post sticking out just like the 888x.

It adds Weight.

It cost more.

It only comes in one color.

A regular genesis is better unless you want hubstacks and nothing els.

It is a gimmick to an extent. Stacks just give more play options, such as changing axis or other manipulation. It’s fun. Pull starts are fun. Catching the smaller stacks is a pain in the rear though. Most people just lack the imagination to do much with it.

I have a Superstar, Mutant DNA, PGM and an Epic for stacked play. I just want to have options.

As far as what innovations do they add? Well, they add vibe and slow down the yoyo a bit, add center-weight and give you more parts to clean, maintain and in some cases, lose.

It is fun to take a yoyo from a regular thrown axis, catch it and then rotate it to horizontal and then finger spin it!

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Isn’t the hub stack Genesis really just the G5?

Dude. It’s the Hubstacked “genesis”

Why would it be the G5 lol.

We all have brains, use them!

Well, we buy yoyos to have fun dont we?

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Maybe you should use your brain? If maybe you would think a little the Genesis is based off the grind machine series so yes it would be similar. The Genesis is almost like a wider G5.

What’s all this about hubstack hate?

Yo, you gotta pull start that yoyo and yell “LET IT RIIIIIP!!!”

Hubstacks are fun, especially for me because I own a pair of hubstack disks that turn any hubstack yoyo into a zstacked yoyo.

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Look at the shape. Look at the dimensions. They are very very similar. And the G in G5 might be related to the G in Genesis. So without looking up the dimensions they look like the same yo yo but one has stacks and the other doesn’t.

Also, the hubstacked version has a much better grinding surface.

Magic YoYo’s stacks use a different sized bearing. Since the stack items click around the bearing, this isn’t a universal fit item.

I also have a set of Z-stacks for YYF. I’m just not sure what I’m gonna put them in. I think maybe my Mutant DNA

I put z-stacks in one of my mutant dnas and I like them better in my g5 or GM2

Yes it’s similar.

But I’m saying its not a G5. It may be similar but it’s not.

So I am using my brain.

If you had said isn’t is a wider G5 or a similar to a g5 then I could see that. But saying isint it just a G5 isint correct.

Isn’t hubstack patented by YYF? I thought if it wasn’t YYF, it wasn’t a hubstack.

So… Unless i’m wrong, it does fit all hubstacked yoyo’s no?