Hubstacked Genesis?

So I’ve always been curious about the Genesis, and recently I’ve had to urge to add a high end hubstack player to my collector, but from what I’ve heard the hubstacks severly diminish the performance of the Genesis. I would love to add a stacked metal to the collection, just for fun, but I don’t want to have a bad impression of the Genesis either. For those of you that have played both, how do they compare? Also, by simply removing the stacks from a hubstack genesis, will it play just like a normal genesis or is it still quite different? :slight_smile:

Get that or try to score a yyf g5

I think you’ll get a false perception of what the Genesis is really like… Although its still good, it will be heavy and play differently than the regular Genesis which is such a joy to throw.

If you’re getting a hubstacked throw look for an early run 888 or G5

Keep the genesis how it is

Your opinion probably still stands (get a different hubstacked yoyo), but I think if I’m not mistaken that you’re implying the Genesis would need to be modded. You can get a Genesis with stacks already on, so if you “keep it how it is,” that would mean keeping the hubstacks on! :slight_smile:

Why not both stacked and unstacked? I loved my stacked Genesis just as much as I love the regular Genesis.

I feel the unstacked plays faster and I enjoy that better. The price increase doesn’t feel worth it to me