Having a hard time to choose Superstar or Genesis

i’ve searched and searched the forum and made me even more confused.

most of them said hubstacks are not good and since in my country there are still no way to get the
new superstar 2013 im stuck at buying stacked superstar and a regular genesis.

so it made decide on getting a genesis then this video shows up saying that a stacked genesis is better for 1a style.

which one should i get?

Hubstacks can be easily removed, the rest is really dependant on your own preferences. Peoples preferences play a great part in what they review as the best, a persons view of the yoyo also changes after playing it for a longer period of time. Thus, their best isn’t viewed the same any longer and the next yoyo becomes the best. Confusion!

Hubstacks can be removed.
“Best” is a better description of the reviewers preferences than it is of the yoyo.
Get what seems most interesting.

If the Hubstacked Genesis is available to you, then I’d take the regular 2012 Genesis out of the question. I have both, and the stacked one blows the other out of the park for me. But of course, this is my opinion - for me to give you the best recommendation, I need to know your preferences. Basically, between these two, it’s a question of whether you want the heftier option (the regular 2012 one) or the floater option (the stacked one). Now, don’t get me wrong - the stacked option has its fair share of heft. But, the regular Genesis definitely has more. One last thing - the Hubstacked Genesis has a MUCH better finish (for grinds), and of course, it has stacks, which can actually be a lot of fun to play around with.

As for comparing those to the 2012 Superstar (the stacked one)…I got nothing, LOL. Never played one. Sorry about that!

Hope this helps!

ill get a stacked genesis then, it was my first choice but there were so much hubstack haters that made
me stay away from stacked yoyo’s, they either say it’s useless, just for novelty and add more center weight.

anyways thanks for the advice definitely helped me choosing, this will be my first yoyo a friend got me into yoyoing and let me borrow his phenom got all the basic so i decided buying one for my self, though he keeps pestering me about getting a phenom.

thanks again guys and one more thing i’m planning to buy a KK bearing together with the stacked genesis is better with it or just stock? anyhow thanks alot

Preferences once again will be the basis for the answers you receive. The KK will keep the string from the sides of the yoyo, allowing it to spin without rubbing the response. There are some people that believe that the concave shape causes the string to layer, in such a fashion, that it makes multiple layer string tricks more difficult. The kk is a good bearing and should last a very long time.

I have kk’s and I have standard bearings. I just play both and don’t worry about it. They all work for me but I will say that there is nothing as satisfying as trying bearings, strings, and yoyos for yourself. I like many things that others don’t.

It’s good to get others opinions but don’t believe everything you hear as preference is king in the world of yoyo. I always look for balanced reviews, ideas, and suggestions.

Try the kk for yourself and tell us what you think. :slight_smile:

I would strongly recommend that you NOT get a KK bearing with the Genesis. The stacked Genesis includes a CenterTrac bearing, which is a string-centering bearing that’s just as good as KK’s IMO, if not better. In this case, there is certainly no reason to spend $15 on a bearing that would hardly be an improvement, if an improvement at all.

is this true even with the non champion collection one?
they only have the 2010 genesis w/ hubstack, i guess ill just ask and check for my self
if it does come with a CBC Center Trac Bearing.

I’ve only played both 2 times, I liked the superstar more, I can’t really talk to much about them. The genesis wasn’t as good as I thought it would be…