Genesis or Superstar?

Ok so this topic is about this two monsters
I either getting this or that
I readied reviews but like the superstar more
Because of hub stacks
But I love to do whips but genesis is known for floating so how?
I dislike genesis shape as I like H shaped yoyo

Don’t think you’ve read the right reviews: Genesis isn’t (by reputation; haven’t played one myself) known for floatiness. Everything I’ve read says that it’s a throw with a solid feel on the string.

You can get a Genesis with stacks if you like hubstacks: the Champions Collection edition has stacks:

I have a SuperStar. I like it a lot. I’m debating putting Z-Stacks on it. I have the Z-stacks.

I didn’t care for the Genesis. However, this was only personal preferences.

I would suggest not making stacks a “selling or sticking” point unless you just have to have stacks, because there’s other options if stacks are a must-have element.

It sounds to me like you’ve made your decision: Superstar. I would recommend you read more reviews just to get a more well rounded picture.

Wow I mean thanks maybe I should get it