Superstar vs Genesis

I want a new all metal throw and there is two that I have my eye on the 2013 stacked superstar or a stacked genesis. Both seem to fit my style, Large gap and oversized. Which one is faster in play?
Pease tell me your opinions

You seem to want hubstacks.

Superstar is the way to go.

Um. New 2013 Superstar aint got a hubstacks. It is just simple EPICNESS

On the other side, the Genesis is only different in weight values.

I just got the new Supernova, and I’d say it plays very well for a YYF. Full sized, stable, dead smooth, perfect distribution. Like most YYF’s, a bit too stable and not enough speed for my likings, but you sound like it’d be perfect for you.

I’d suggest the Supernova over a Superstar or Genesis. Plus, you get a free Severe (essentially a plastic version) if you order while Yoyoexpert has stock.

Have you even thrown the others? The 7075 Genesis and new superstar are both better than the new supernova in my opinion so I’d like to hear what you though was wrong with them that made the supernova better.

I have a 7075 genesis and it plays faster than the old supernova and is more stable IMO. It has a really nice feel and is my favorite full size ATM.

I would encourage you to stay away from stacks… They seem cool but really end up being useless. Most people take them off. I would point you towards the new superstar… If you really want stacks, old superstar is the way to do it.

I have a 2012 superstar, and it’s a great yoyo! The stacks do cause a little extra noise, but after a whole you get used to it. I have played the genesis as well and I didn’t like it as well. The superstar has character, while the genesis does too, but the shape of the genesis is kind of boring. The genesis is a little bit faster, but I’m recommending the superstar even though it is a little bit heavier. This is one of the only heavy yoyo’s I like. I am a big da of light yoyos