Superstar vs. Supernova

So in a while I’m thinking about getting ether a Superstar or Supernova sometime but I want to know which one is better. I’ve tried a Superstar and I was really impressed with it, but I’ve heard really good things about the Supernova too. So after you vote, tell me what or why it is better and how you like it compared to the other one.

Supernova. Period. I think the Supernova is the best performance yoyo YYF has, EXCEPT for the Genesis. I really doubt that they will surpass those two designs.
Your real questions should be: Genesis OR Supernova. In which case, it really comes down to your preferences.
The Genesis is a severe H shape, and a not quite as wide, but stable and fast as can be.
The Supernova is an extreme V shape, and a little wider, but is every bit as good as the Genesis.
I only choose the Genesis first because I have a little sentimentality towards that yoyo.
The Superstar is another great yoyo. I just don’t think its quite on the same level as the other two. Though, John Ando used it to win worlds in 2008.
You won’t be disappointed with any of those three.

Oooh yeah.

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