Help please cant decide what to get

What should i get the yyf superstar(2008 version) , genesis(2011 version) or supernova(old version)??

I don’t have a SuperStar or SuperNova. I do, however, have a Genesis. It is my favorite throw behind the Shutter and Glide.

Get the 2013 SuperStar.

Of your three choices. I do own and enjoy the regular SuperStar.

The SuperNova and Genesis were two models I was highly interested in, but after playing them, I personally did not care for them. Nothing wrong with the yoyos in any way though, they just didn’t fit well with me.

My question back to you is:

Have you played any of these?

Also: Do you have any preferences or features you want? All three of those yoyos are very different from each other, so it’s not really a complete like/like comparison.

I own a Supernova and its amazing. But take Studio42’s word-

And I will never criticize your choices!

Thanks to mcmaddog for adding his opposing view towards the SuperNova. What this proves is that preferences are key. Two different people, two different preferences.

Please factor all advice from ALL participants in this thread when making your purchase decision, as well as use the information to ask additional questions. Remember, this is about the PURCHASER!

Although I wasn’t every interested in the normal genesis I found the 7075 genesis to perform pretty well but it’s a 2013 model from my understanding. of your listed choices I’d go with the old supernova because the superstar has even higher walls and the 2011 genesis was not that great in my mind.

I do own a clyw chief and and a yyf czm84vk, and i am looking for something that is light,stable, and plays smoothly like the chief and czm84vk. So which do you recommend me to get?

Or do you guys recommend the diamont nior celestial?

Have you looked at the deadly spins wrath?

The RecRev “@” is one I’d say to look into.

i have look into them but my local yoyo shop dosent sell them

It’d be easier to point you in the right direction if we knew what your local yoyo shop carried