What yoyo should I get?

Hey guys im supposed to get 2 new yoyos by the end of this month,but I can’t decide on them I mean which is better?The MVP2 or the supernova and is the superstar a good choice. Which of the three should I get and why.Please help me for that I need to make up my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t tried the MVP2 but both the Superstar and Supernova are great. The Supernova is quite spritely and has a bit of float to it. It’s also on the wider end of the spectrum. The Superstar feels a bit more stable (to me, your mile may vary) and does come with the hubstacks. If you don’t like the stacks, they’re not too hard to remove and in it’s stackless setup, the Superstar really flies. Either of the two will handle anything you can throw at them and come back for more. Once you get into this sort of price point, it pretty much becomes a matter of preference.


Thanks at first I was planning for a superstar and supernova,but im still puzzled if the MVP2 is worth it or some how better than the superstar or supernova ???

Comes down to shape preference, man. The MVP2 looks like it’d hurt like all hell on a bad catch or snag.


Never thought about that =3

MVP2 would play amazing, I bet.

The MVP 1 was amazing btw.

Supernova all the way. I have all three of those yoyos at the moment and supernova is the best by far. 7075 version of the supernova that is.

You do have the option of the 7075 supernova or MVPII or the 6061 version of each so remember that in your decision.

I really like the SuperStar.

I don’t have any experience with the others.

What are your preferences? We might be able to match you up with something better than one of these

Maybe you should get a Firmy by Something. Its really fast and awesome

I’ve tried the 7075 Supernova and the 6061 Supernova and I would say that the 7075 is not worth an extra $45.

Well thanks I think im well convinced that the 7075 supernova and superstar will be my to buys thanks and isn’t the 6062 supernova the supernova light? :slight_smile:

No, the Supernova and Supernova light are different models. Same shape, different weights, so no doubt the Light version is probably a bit thinner in certain areas to get the weight down a bit.

Essentially, you have three Supernova models: Supernova (7075), Supernova (6061) which is the 2012 run, and the Supernova Lite which is made of 6061 to keep weight down but also a bit thinner in parts. If you see any vanilla Supernova listed as “USA Made”, it’ll be the 7075 version.


And which is better a 7075 supernova or a 6061?

7075 for sure