MVP vs Supernova


Usually i would go with the more expesive one but i’ve heard really good things about the supernova and almost nothing about the mvp. so what do you think


If people haven’t said things about the MVP, maybe you should get it, and give your opinion on it


It depends on your style, the mvp is very solid and it feels like it wants you to do more no matter what you do. Like it thinks that it is ment for competiton and nothing else and you better play it hard. It is a good yoyo but it feels like you can’t get comfortable with it in terms of just fooling around play. For competition both are awesome and I would say (since I have tried both…owned 1 mvp and 3 supernovas, 1 supernova lite, and one nova) that the supernova is just a tad better. Not only comfort wise but for learning tricks and for competition. Both can move fast as well but the supernova is faster, spin time is amazing for both, not really sure witch beats witch on that one, and stability wise they are both great. The supernova is wider and has a slightly larger diameter (it feels larger as well but it feels light on the string) so the size prefrence comes into play as well. The supernova is not freakishly huge, not at all but when you first throw it, it will take some getting used to. They both handle slow and fast play with grace but I feel that the supernova is a tad more forgiving to fast turns and that slight bump that it has near the response helps balance alot. One big thing if you do them…rejecions, the supernova wins hands down…the mvp on the other hand cant do them to save my life and I am good at rejections. Regen wise the supernova is better, just better weight distribution than the mvp even though the mvp can regen, just not as good as the supernova.

Supernova is my vote though, but either way you can not go wrong.


I think the MVP is faster while not as stable and it could not handle a few layers of string around it at once. This may have been mine but I dont know. My supernova is extremely stable though. It also is not quite as fast but if you need fast then the Supernova Lite i good for that. But the supernova for me was also very stable, long spinning, and could handle many layers of string. The supernova also depending on which version you get can grind better because the MVP has a weird coating. But some special supernova’s have the same coating. I think you know which is better.

(laxdude99) #5

Both the Supernova and MVP are great and really stable yo-yos

The Supernova is really smooth and floaty
The MVP is really solid and stable and is better than the Supernova at Horizontal play

Overall both are great but my favorite is the Supernova


The MVP is an amazing throw. There is a yoyo store right by me, and the guys working there let you try any yoyo. The Supernova is also good. I like the MVP better. It is more stable and floaty on the string.