what yoyo is best for me? supernova, dark magic 2 or something inbetween?


(READ BOTTOM AFTER)first off, I know the dark magic 2 is way worse than the supernova… but i feel like the dark magic 2 is more my speed, ill explain. I currently have a onestar, i like it but want a newer throw. And the dark magic 2 seems like its more my speed (Im intermediate, and the middle of the intermediate
tricks.) but there having a (big) sale on the supernova and I tried it one time and loved it. so what do you think i should get? i like wide gaps, heavy yoyos, loonnggg sleep times, and i want it to be stable. thanks!!!
it turns out the supernova ist on sale so any yoyos in the $40-$70 price range? thx again!!!


Dibase 2 is a good one for you


I have heard AMAZING things about the C3 Capless


Capless is pretty heavy and stable. It’s not an absolute stability “monster” but it’s at least as stable as the DM2. There’s no mistaking you have a hunk of metal in your hand when you play the Capless. Wide gap? Yes. Long spinning? You betcha.


Ok, so the supernova is pretty much my favorite yoyofactory model. I mean, i like the others, and the dark magic is pretty good too (my first unresponsive yoyo) but if you can get a supernova for that price, i would just say get it. You are going to buy a high end metal eventually, right? so why not just skip the intermediate step? If you were paying $100 dollars, i would say consider the dark magic, but if the pricing is similar, just get the supernova. It spins longer, smoother, and quite honestly is a bit more versatile than the dark magic. But hey, if you want a dark magic, it is AMAZING as well. It can compete with the supernova, but the supernova just feels a little more geared towards the advanced (or intermediate) player. It is better to learn on because it spins like crazy.


I think he indicated the Supernova wasn’t on sale after all. But for similar price, I would also recommend the Supernova.


preference= genesis
price god trick,theory,and other yyjs
price+ preference chico roller,the v,theory,firmy,yoyo officers