Supernova 2013 or Genesis ? Witch is better?

Hi everyone

I need to Buy a new yoyo , and I wonder what will be better for me Supernova 2013 or Genesis from YYF? Witch yoyo is better according to You,and why this i better than the second one?

I play yoyo a few month’s and I love this sport.
I want to buy good Yoyo specialy for trick’s like elihop’s Which yoyo will be better?
Unfortunately I can’t play with any of this yoyo’s personally so please help me.


Since u are newer I’d say the genesis. Typically the genesis is more stable and the supernova is a little faster. I’m not sure with the newer versions but that’s how it uses to be. I have a ew genesis coming soon so I could let u know. But something u may want to consider is a good budget throw like the yyf shutter. 45 dollars but I’ve ears it’s amazing for the price. You can also look into the onedrop benchmark series. They r supposedly really amazing for the price and have side effects.

Thx for Youre opinion. I live in Poland and YYF is esier to buy here than any other yoyo, but by the way supernova and Genesis are quite good looking for me :-). Ok so You say that Genesis is better for me?? Is any one got the same feeling?? I forget to say that Genesis is cheeper in Poland and Got one bearing spare, and YYF Tool for free with supernova hasnt Got…

U can’t go wrong with either. Id say the genesis but I think I’d recommend the yyf shutter over both because its much cheaper and still an amazing throw. Plus I’m sure u will have a fair number of dings on it since you are newer and dinging an expensive yoyo sucks haha

They are all good, but I prefer the new genesis more

I also prefer the Genesis. You can’t go wrong with both throws though.

Genesis I love mine


Thx guys for Youre help. It 's important to me
I’ll buy Genesis than,and CT to new Genesis too.
I cant wait to get my new yoyo :-). Tommorow I order new Genesis in blue-black acid version :slight_smile:


Hope you like it.

Yeee its good to hear some good tips!

Tommorow I will buy my new yoyo :-). I cant wait to do this :slight_smile:

Slow down dude…
This is a $100 dollar yoyo so you want to make sure your getting what you want.
Watch videos using each of the yoyos and read reviews so you know exactly what ur getting

Also think about the supernova, you can get a free Severe with it, with includes a ct bearing which will leave you with two awesome yoyos for the price of one!

Yes You are right,but I read a few review’s and.Genesis got a little more good opinion than the supernova (but realy only little more). So that why I start asking here You guys. And more of You said What I read before, thats why Genesis win for me. In my country Genesis is little cheaper than the supernova, and Got some free extras with supernova hasnt Got… but now I go to sleep and think about this calm Tommorow morning :slight_smile:

I like the Supernova more, it feels a bit lighter on the string than the Genesis, guess it depends on what you like.

Ok. Thx for this but I think I will try the Genesis :-).

and you can always trade it away if you don’t like it

Yes thats another true… but I dont think that I will sell It for a long time :wink:

Okey :slight_smile: my new Genesis is comming up to me… I hope it’s come to me this year… :-P. I can wait!!! :slight_smile: