supernova vs genesis

which one would you recommend and why?
i prefer a full size throw, and its my first high end metal yoyo(though i am an advanced player)

I would recommend the supernova (because I have it), but you should be able to figure out what you will like more if you search for reviews. :slight_smile:

I would recommend the supernova for the reason that its shape is a lot better for horizontal play

I have a Supernova myself, and my friend has a Genesis. I have used both, and I like the Supernova a lot better. I like the shape better (but that’s just personal preference), and I think it is smoother than the Genesis. But, the Genesis is better for grinding IMO. I can still pull off a decent finger grind, and I can even do a horizontal grind bind in my hat, but the Genesis seems to have a better grinding surface. But, if you are willing to spend 15 more dollars, get the USA made Supernova, because it made of a higher grade aluminum. Just take a look at the specs of both yoyos, and see which one fits your tastes. You can’t go wrong with either. :slight_smile:
Edit: I also like the colorways the Supernova is available in. :wink:

and if we add the od burnside to the equation? would you still recommend the supernova?

my choice would be the supernova. hope that helps. i’m sure you’d be happy with either, though.

The genesis is heavily rim weighted, which makes it SUPER stable. The supernova is the better player in my opinion though. Which ever you get you won’t be disappointed in though. :slight_smile:

The Supernova is a bit heavier and wider than the Burnside. I’ve never used one, so I don’t know what it’s like. The shapes are sort of similar too, so I guess the Burnside would feel similar.