which is more better ??? {Supernova VS Genesis}


i have been reading about the super nova and genesis and I know that this topic has always been asked but which one should I get ???

My style of play is fast and smooth,I would like some thing very stable. Thanks in advance ;D


Well you can normaly get a used genesis for much cheaper then a used super nova, so that is something to consider.

But the super nova is going to feel lighter on the string and the genesis will feel more brick like. They play very simular other then that. about the same gap, about the same stableness. same response. about the same size and width.


so… which one do you like better


They about the same but I like the supernova better. Many people have said the supernova plays faster than the genesis.


The genesis is amazing. One of the best out there.


IMHO, you should get Genesis, because it is more stable than Supernova


I like the supernova better, but I would likly get a genesis because I can get them for so much cheaper used.


Both are very stable and both can be very fast. The supernova feels lighter on the string but again, both can easily play fast. The supernova is wider than the genesis so that is something to consider. Genesis is cheaper. Supernova can’t grind to save your life (I’m only talking about the 7075 aluminium supernova). The only diffrence between the supernova (7075) and the supernova lite was the metal so the 2012 supernovas are basically supernova lites.

I say (regarding 7075 supernova) that it depends on your play style. The supernova is wider so if you get very technical then you may want to swing towards the genesis. Both have amazing spin times and are both very stable and fast (supernova feels lighter though). I have had 4 supernovas and 2 genesis yoyos. I suppose if I had to choose I would say genesis since I have a soft spot for them being my second full metal yoyo, hehe.

I need some serious help!!!
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If you want it to play a bit faster take a look at the supernova lite. everyone overlooks it because its cheaper but i like the lite better compared to the standard supernova.


and if any one other suggestions that play the same plz feel free to post it !! thanks every one!!! :wink: