genesis or supernova?


I’m getting a new yoyo and I can’t decide between the Genesis or the Spernova. Any suggestions? I could use some help. I have a dv888 and I’m trying to upgrade.

Once again any suggestions?


I vote team Genesis. killer yoyo.


I got a supernova last month and I love it. Plays sooo smooth


Preferences please. I cant really help without these.


Wrong answer, code 2! Lol but between the two I love my genesis my daily carry!

(Owen) #6



Ive had a supernova for a bit now and only thrown a genesis a few times. and in thoes few times I liked the genesis more than the supernova. Im not really a supernova fan but they both play great

(SR) #8

Genesis is a much more stable as well as a more solid throw than the Supernova. I would get a Genesis.