Genesis vs. Supernova

This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. I hear so much about the Genesis’ stability and spin times. As for the Supernova, I hear about speed and smoothness. I have no experience with high-end yoyos, and these are my last two choices. As much as I’d love to have both, I can’t.

Can anyone post their personal experiences with these two?

The Genesis is a staple in modern yoyoing. There is a reason when people make reviews, or talk about how a yoyo performs, they make a reference to the Genesis. It’s stability and smoothness is unmatched by almost anything.

Supernova, Supernova, Supernova. That’s all i ever seem to hear when people ask what yoyo they should get. People say that for a reason. In my expierences from YYF, every throw that comes outta there feels the same in terms of play. I’m not talking about performance, I’m just talking about how the yoyo feels when you play it. The Supernova feels like a yoyo that came out of a company like Turning Point, YoYoRecreation, or any of the other ULTRA high end companies. I’m not saying that it completely out performs the Genesis, I’m just saying that the way it feels when your playing feels like one the Ultra high end companies. I’m not saying that YoYoFactory doesn’t have a high quality feeling to them, they just have a certain, YYF feeling to them. If you gave me a yoyo, made me close my eyes, and let me play it for a second, i would know if It’s a YYF or not.

If i were you, i would jump on the supernova. It feels like a Ultra high end throw, at a fraction of the price. You really can’t go wrong with either though. Hope everything works out good. :wink: