Supernova or Genesis???


What should I get?

(UmeNagisa) #2

Seeing as you gave no personal preferences
Why don’t you give us some?

And as your name is Gentrysteinrocks

Why not get a Super G?


Im already getting one of those

(UmeNagisa) #4

In that case,

Supernova-fast, light play. No heft, and a hint of float.

Genesis- Medium speed, hefty hefty throw, feels very solid.


I need more opinions!!!


i need more info what are your preferences

(SR) #7

You definetely chose two yoyos that are extremely hard to decide on. Honestly, i really don’t know what I would choose.

But, if you play fast, get the Supernova. The Genesis is a more solid throw that isn’t nessesarily built for speed. The Supernova is lighter than the Genesis. Maybe decide on the shape you like better?

We’re not here to tell you which one to get, because we don’t know you. We can help you, but it’s really you who has to make the decision.

Both quality throws, some of the best I’ve played.


Get any gentry sig.


I’m either going to get another Super G, or a Supernova.


I like my Genesis. It’s big, solid, and stable. But what I would recommend is the Catalyst… I tried a 7075 one at Ohio States and it was soooooo comfortable to hold and played well.


Genesis FTW!!!


Okay…, maybe I’ll get the Genesis or the Catalyst.


Get the supernova, you won’t be disappointed


The Genesis is a staple in modern yoyoing. There is a reason when people make reviews, or talk about how a yoyo performs, they make a reference to the Genesis. It’s stability and smoothness is unmatched by almost anything.

Supernova, Supernova, Supernova. That’s all i ever seem to hear when people ask what yoyo they should get. People say that for a reason. In my expierences from YYF, every throw that comes outta there feels the same in terms of play. I’m not talking about performance, I’m just talking about how the yoyo feels when you play it. The Supernova feels like a yoyo that came out of a company like Turning Point, YoYoRecreation, or any of the other ULTRA high end companies. I’m not saying that it completely out performs the Genesis, I’m just saying that the way it feels when your playing feels like one the Ultra high end companies. I’m not saying that YoYoFactory doesn’t have a high quality feeling to them, they just have a certain, YYF feeling to them. If you gave me a yoyo, made me close my eyes, and let me play it for a second, i would know if It’s a YYF or not.

If i were you, i would jump on the supernova. It feels like a Ultra high end throw, at a fraction of the price. You really can’t go wrong with either though. Hope everything works out good. Wink


Tough choice. I own both the Genesis and Supernova and really, asking me to pick between them is like asking a parent to pick between their kids. The Supernova is fast and floaty while the Genesis feels a bit more solid and methodical in the way it plays. They both excel in what they’re designed to.

If it’s within your means, get both. If I had to pick one and only one, I’d give the slightest edge to the Supernova. The Genesis suits my play style better but the Supernova excites me more.



I’m still leaning to the Supernova.