Supernova, or Genesis?

I really think that I am ready for my first metal throw, but I would like to not spend over 100 AND am not interested in the shutter. So I have narrowed it down to these two. I am going to want to do difficult long combos more on the fast side. I do NOT care about the color ways, horizontal play, and grinding. So I do not need one that is better for that limd of stuff. Also, this is my first metal throw, if that means anything. Thanks for the help.

They are both good.

Pick whichever looks coolest.

I think the Supernova would be a little better for horizontal though.

I’d go for the Supernova. Sounds better for your style. But if you do long combos, then the Genesis might be good. The Supernova is also faster.

I preferred the Genesis.

My first all metal throw was a Genesis+ aka hubstacked Genesis. Best choice ever.

It’s so stable and gets amazing spin times. It’s heavy on the string and can be easily played slow to learn tricks or fast and competition like to show off.

I can’t attest to how the supernova plays but honestly the Genesis is a great throw for anything and everything including 5a.

:stuck_out_tongue: plus you can get a hubstacked one

Of course everyone is going to say the opposite. But it doesn’t depend on what we want, it depends on what you need it for and what you do.

Judging by this, you want the Supernova.

The genesis, lets just say it slower. It is, so is Miguel.

Watching both Promo videos, Tyler (Supernova) goes faster than Miguel (Genesis)…

Judging by that, using 3 different supernovas, Tyler being faster, you being faster, and the wight being less than the genesis.

You need the Supernova…

But I wouldn’t worry about spin time past the $65 mark.

I played the genesis. It felt big in the hand. It didn’t go as fast as I wanted.

Right now after all this you can decide.


(than the supernova)

Both the supernova and Genesis are capable of PLENTY spin time. People above say that it is better for long combos OR it spins longer being heaver and rim wieghted…

But, If you going to be doing fast combos, spin time isint a large factor because you can do them so fast.

Any Yoyo in the $80 for the most part is going to be spinning after all your combos ready for a tight bind.

And guess what, the supernova spins long enough for Tyler to place 2nd in the WORLD with it. Spin time is always going to be perfect above the $65 mark. (for the most part…)


I think i agree with maddog. However, I am going to drop the onedrop chik into the mix. It is very close in price, but is a better rounded yoyo in general IMO. The supernova is great, and the genesis plays alright as well, but too slow for me.

Also, to add something: To me the Genesis feels like a rock on the string. Takes a lot of work to get it going fast. So, IMO, since you are looking for something fast, I would go for the Supernova.

The thing is though. If it’s a first metal, it will all come down to his own preference in the end.

Both throws are great and good all around.

Maddog, I don’t know if you should really put into play how the yoyo was too big for you, for me it’s actually almost the perfect fit. You may have small hand compared to foofy so honestly I think this was unnecessary information that is just you trying to talk him into a supernova.

Realistically, we just need to let him decide. Even though the supernova may be faster, you can push most throws as fast as you could want. Kind of like how the yeti is slow and relaxed but Petra Kavka won a competition with it, along with other CLYW players of course(I just really like Petr)

It’s probably in the end going to be 6 of one, half dozen of the other

After hearing all the descriptions of the Genesis, when I finally played one I found it lighter and smaller than expected. :wink: I don’t find it particularly imposing at all.

I love the Chik after an initial “what the…?” period when I first got it. That’s a pretty good recommendation right there.

“Fast”… the Supernova is going to be faster. So much of that has to do with the player, though. If you want a really fast yoyo, neither of the two YYF yoyos in the thread title are particularly “fast”. But on the other hand, both of them can be pushed if you need speed.

As a yoyo, I like the Genesis better than the Supernova. They’ll both work fine for you. Or a Chik. :wink:

To Hudakjoe’s hidden point: it’s a first metal. He doesn’t actually HAVE much for preferences yet. Probably some, but people’s preferences change all the time, especially in the early stages of Yoyo addiction. I don’t think the OP should sweat it so much… just pick the one that looks good.

I meant it felt large in the hand. Even for someone with larger hands it feels large.

Its the same thing as saying “It feels like a rock” well, maybe that guy is weak?


And no need for the Chik. Yeah its probably 10X better but he wants only the Supernova or the Genesis.


For your style of play the Supernova is perfect.

As I said, and another person

But if you can the Chik is good :slight_smile:

…but I didn’t find it large in the hand. :wink: I held it and thought, “THIS cute little thing is the Genesis? Crazy!” I really don’t think that somebody getting their first metal has fully-developed preferences yet and aren’t at risk of the yoyo being the factor holding back their speed!

^ Even the YYR DreadnaughtG wasn’t as big as I was expecting, the Genesis and Supernova are pretty much the same size so unless you have tiny hands I echoe Greg’s statement.

As has been said, its all up to you. Both are fantastic yoyos, and both have been used to win/place high in many a contest.


Supernova = Faster

Genesis = More stable

However in the hands of Mickey, a Genesis will go 10x faster than a Supernova will in my hands, so it’s all relative.

Just pick the one you like and you can’t go wrong.

I’ve only tried the genesis 2 times. But I own a supernova. I had really high expectations for the genesis because it seems like it is very famous. It was… Okay.
to me the supernova is very good, I just like it.

Tried a Yoyoexpert Genesis. Little on the heavy side but super stable.

Tried supernova 2012 (or 11?) the supernova Lite, and a older supernova.

They all played faster, and stable.

Im going to stop arguing and just put out my recommendation because it fits your style well.

I recommend the Supernova IMHO…

Greg gets the bigger picture too! ::slight_smile: I think

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supernova is the better choice :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley:

I perfer a genesis , its great

Get a supernova

All these genesis bois…

Rockerkid, have you tried a Supernova???