2012 YYF Supernova vs Genesis


Hey guys, ive been yoyoing for a while and wanted to get my first metal yoyo and it came between the supernova and genesis. i really want the supernova but im not sure if its good for my first metal, but i really want the supernova. i know the genesis is a good first metal, but im not sure what to do. i like smoothness, and long sleep time. i also large widths thanx. this is my first post by the way. oh and please tell me why you chose the one you chose. Thanx and PLZ HELP!

(2Sick Joey) #2

Either would be great. They are both amazing yoyos and provide good spintimes and smoothness. So just pick whichever interests you more and has a color you like more


Lol just get a C3yoyodesign Capless.




i’m agree with yomagic, but, since i’m using supernova, so i’m going to say Supernova :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks, thats what i would say too, but do you think it would be a good first metal?

(2Sick Joey) #7

They would both be good first metals. Like I’ve said before just pick whichever appeals to you more. Neither will dissappoint you


I would have to say the genesis I have both and I have to say the genesis is more stable and spins a little longer also i love the really distinct h shape compared to the rounded h shape on the supernova.


It sounds like you want the SuperNova so get the SuperNova.

I’ve only played the pre-2012 versions but personally I prefer the Genesis, I found it more stable and prefer the shape. But ultimately it’s all personal preference.