genesis or supernova

I not sure what to get the genesis or the supernova

Uhh… don’t you have a Genesis? ???

First of all, welcome to the forums! Secondly, neither is better. It all just depends on your preferences. What are you looking for? Also, which particular models of each are you considering? I own the 2012 model of both, and I can definitely tell you that the Supernova is faster/floatier while the Genesis is definitely slower/heftier. That difference should certainly be consistent between any of the particular models. Also, both are great at horizontal. But that’s all I can really say as I don’t know which particular models you are looking at. A lot of the decision though, should be based on which shape is more appealing to you.

Hope this helps!

BTW, this kind of post would go in the “Looking for Help/Recommendation” section.

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If you are new to metal, not sure which is good for you,
you should get genesis, It is a good yoyo to learn what style you wanna play.

Or a cheaper yoyo in case u don’t end up liking it.
Shutter maybe

Really depends on which genesis

I like the 7075 genesis but I think the 2013 supernova is better than the other 6061 genesis throws.